Get Your Free WDW Radio Event Passport

While I love being able to share my passion for Disney with you through the show, videos, and social media interactions, they are still primarily “one-way” conversations. I believe that nothing truly beats a “handshake and a hug,” which I why I started holding WDW Radio Meets of the Month in Walt Disney World. It gives me an opportunity to meet, and say thank you, to you. And it also give you a chance to meet and connect with fellow listeners, as you are all part of the WDW Radio family. As an extension of the meets, which have taken place each and every month since January, 2008, we have also taken our events “On the Road” to the Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland, Disney’s Aulani resort, and other locations around the country… and around the world!

So to help commemorate your attendance at these events, I have developed the WDW Radio Passport – this pocket-sized, free book is available to everyone at any of the WDW Radio Meets or Events. At each event, you will receive a unique stamp (just like a real passport) showing that you were there. There is also space in the Passport to personalize it with your information, and each event page has space for you to jot down the name and email of a new friend you met, record a memory, or even get a signature of any special guests that may stop by.

It.s a fun, free way to keep track of the events you have attended, and something from me to just say thank you for being there.

To find out about upcoming Meets of the Month in Walt Disney World, or other events on land and at sea, visit the WDW Radio Events page, and follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my profile on Facebook. You can also “Like” the WDW Radio Facebook page.

I look forward to meeting you at the next WDW Radio event! See you there!

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