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My name is James Dezern, you may be familiar with my screename, nasanut, but lately I’ve been using dzneynut. I am a retired chemical engineer, after spending 41 years with NASA-Langley. When it comes to Disney, I have a long and varied background. Our first visit to WDW was in 1986 with our six-year old daughter. We became DVC members in 1997, and as they say, the rest is a blur! We’ve been to WDW over 50 times all together, not including 10 Disney cruises and about that many trips to Anaheim, CA. However, my love of Disney started long before those trips; it began long ago on those Sunday nights growing up in front of the TV with Uncle Walt! Creating Disney puzzles is a hobby I enjoy in retirement, and I feel, in some small way, I am helping to keep the Disney dream alive. I am a veteran of RAD newsgroup, DWT.com, DIS boards, “Passporter” chat, and I have an extensive Disney book collection (over 225!) James can be contacted at dzneynut@wdwradio.com

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