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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss what movies? in the Ask The Experts forums; Hello everyone, I'm very excited because in 34 days I will be taking my my family to W.D.W.( my son, mom and dads first time every!!!!!) My wife and I ...
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    what movies?

    Hello everyone, I'm very excited because in 34 days I will be taking my my family to W.D.W.( my son, mom and dads first time every!!!!!) My wife and I plan on watching Disney movies each night to get my son pumped up for the trip, but also so he will understand some of the things going on down there. he is only 2 1/2. here is my list some far. what movies would you suggest that I may have forgotten? he has seen most of these but it's still fun to watch them again.

    cinderalla,snow white,dumbo,peter pan,sleeping beu,beu&the beast,little merr,alldin,lion king,toy story,nemo,trazain,jungle book,hercules,pinnochio,cars,bugs life,monsters inc and loe& stich

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    If you have Fantasia I'd suggest having him watch just the Sorcerer's Apprentice part of it. Then he'll understand why he sees broomsticks in the parade. But the bottom line thing to remember is that he's so young that he might just get scared. Don't know if you've ever seen the Robin Williams bit about taking his kid to DisneyWorld... "yeah, I thought I'd do the good daddy thing and take my kid to DisneyWorld. I forgot that to a 3 year old, Mickey Mouse is a 6 foot rat!" So just be prepared for any reaction. Face characters might be easier to start out with. Best of luck and enjoy!!!!!!

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    Add one of the Winnie the Pooh flicks in there... Lord knows Disney has gone Pooh crazy at Magic Kingdom.
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    There are a series of sing-along DVD's that are very good because they star actual characters just like at the parks. "Disneyland Fun", "Beach Party at Walt Disney World" "Campout at Walt Disney World" and "Fliks Musical Adventure at Disney's Animal Kingdom" are all available from the DWT store:

    My kids both watched these repeatedly before going when they were small, and I think it helped get them familiar with what they would see there as well as get them excited about going.
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