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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Jack Sparrow too different? in the Ask The Experts forums; I think the new renovations to the Pirates of the Carribean are great. Plus they cleaned all of the outfits of all of the other pirates. Jack Sparrow really looks ...
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    Jack Sparrow too different?

    I think the new renovations to the Pirates of the Carribean are great. Plus they cleaned all of the outfits of all of the other pirates. Jack Sparrow really looks real by the way his eyeballs move. But, do you think that Jack Sparrow sicks out a little too much? Should they update some of the other Pirates a little too? Tell me what you think.

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    I didn't think Cap't Jack stood out too much, but I was impressed with how real he did look.

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    I think the character works great in the ride! A lot of us were worried about them making TOO MANY changes to the ride but I think what they did was just right because they updated the ride but stayed true to the original ride.

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    i agree. I thought the update would be horibble because Walt Disney actually "oversaw" POTC in disneyland, but actually they didn't do too much, so that's good. As for Jack Sparrow, WOW, AMAZING!
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    I think he fits in really good with the ride. It's still got the classic animatronics and scenes, and is just brightened up by Capn Jack. I was worried that they would focus the entire attraction around Jack, but he just makes the right amount of appearances to enjoy and doesnt take away from any of the classic scenes in the attraction.

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    Overall, I like the changes. I think the Jack audioanimatronic figure really looks like Johnny Depp. I really like the Davey Jones effect before the waterfall, too.

    The only thing I don't like about the additions is the soundtrack. You can hardly hear the original audio track now, you just hear Jack Sparrow. The ride's just not the same without hearing "Yo Ho, Yo Ho" and "We wants the Redhead!" You can still hear them, just barely.

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    I think it fits well, but I would agree with the OP to some extent during the scene in the barrel. He does seem to move much more realistically then the drunk he's peeking at. The answer here would be to upgrade that AA.
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    Capt'n Jack is really realistic...I agree that they should have also updated the other pirates too. The one pirate that comes out of the well and spits water didn't spit water.
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