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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss florida resident ticket question in the Ask The Experts forums; HI......I'm new to this board. Such a neat place! Not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place or not...hope so. A little background...We are only at the beginning ...
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    Question florida resident ticket question

    HI......I'm new to this board. Such a neat place! Not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place or not...hope so. A little background...We are only at the beginning stages of our vacation planning. We (my sisters, stepbrother, his wife, and I, and all our kids, are trying to plan a family reunion in 2008, with the entire trip planned around Disney. My stepbrother lives in Florida. My sisters and I do not. He has mentioned purchasing Florida resident tickets for himself, his wife, his child, and our neices, who will be 5 and 7 at the time we plan to go. The rest of us will have to get tickets through Military rate of AAA, whichever offers the lowest prices. Stepbrothers offer of getting the kids tickets at Florida resident prices sounds wonderful, HOWEVER, he will not be able to attend every day with us, because he will have to work most days as will his wife. We (meaning my sisters and I) plan to bring their child to the parks when they cannot go. My question however, has to do with whether or not the neices and the nephews passes are something that can still be used even though, we, who are NOT florida residents are the one's taking them? Does this make sense? I'd hate to see him spend good $$ on tickets that end up being something we, as non Florida resident,s can't use to take the little ones in with us, if this makes any sense. Thanks for any feedback....Wishing next year was here already...

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    I'm not a FL resident, but I think I can help with your question.

    Since the tickets purchased will have the girls names on them, if the girls are Florida residents there should be no problem with what kind of tickets the rest of the family has. But as a precaution, any time you're taking someone else's kids out to a theme park or traveling, you should carry a letter from the parents saying they are with you and you are able to authorize any medical emergency treatment if needed. Hopefully it is something you would never need, but good to have just in case.
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    I'm with Pat.

    We have only ever had passholder tickets, so I honestly don't know a whole lot about FL resident rates, tickets, etc. BUT I would think that it really would not matter. Especially since there is no 'fingerprint reading' involved with the neices.

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    Im a fl resident passholder and if the tickets have already been boughten as fl resident you should have no problem... Your brother might have to claim them as his own though to get them the ticket.. but other than that you should be fine.

    hope that helps
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