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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss TreeHouse Villas in the Ask The Experts forums; It was a very long time ago. I think it was it in the 80's when they were open to the public....
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    It was a very long time ago. I think it was it in the 80's when they were open to the public.
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    They were actually open much later than that, I believe they were actually still used for accomadations when included in the Disney institute, the last guests stayed at the Disney institute on February 11, 2002

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    I worked a shift with a girl who was living at the Treehouse Villas, and she said they're quite nice. Her only complaint was that it was a little spooky at night. The CM's usually only work at MK, so the buses only run to the TTC and MK. Getting to Epcot was a real struggle for her. I personally never went to visit them, but from what I've seen in videos and photos, they look like they're in great shape.

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    right i'll settle this for all of you !
    I was an ICP (International College Program ) last year (May-Septamber 2006) and lived at treehouse Villas. they are most definitely not delapidated, they are very habitabble and were an amazing place to stay ! i loved it there out in the woods
    Treehouse Villas were occupied until early this year when the last of the ICPs from my time moved out. treehouse villas are on protected wetlands so to update them (which they would be in need of for guests) would be costly. according to friends who are still cast members due to guest demand treehouse villas are being refurbished and will open at the end of 2007. hope this makes you all happy amy x
    oh and when i was there everyone living there worked at MK, altho this changed after i left and yes our buses only run to MK and TTC.
    search treehouse villas on youtube, there are lotsof video tours of the apartments.
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