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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss How are crowds at the end of August these days? in the Ask The Experts forums; My first Disney trip will be August 25-31, 2007! Taking my wife and kids ages 12, 8 and 1. I was wondering, how will the crowds be? I have heard ...
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    How are crowds at the end of August these days?

    My first Disney trip will be August 25-31, 2007! Taking my wife and kids ages 12, 8 and 1. I was wondering, how will the crowds be? I have heard they are traditionally light this week of the year, but with the free Disney dining Plan offer I fear that may change. Did anyone visit last August (end) when this free dinining was offered? What was your experience? How was the heat?


    BTW - Port Orleans Riverside. Can't wait!!

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    just last august my familiy visited wdw---we went at the very end of the month while free dining was going on and it was wonderful---we are going xmas this year just to see the decorations but after this trip i think we will make every trip during the last week of august into the first week of september---this last trip we were there for nine days and the longest line we waited in was 20 minutes! there were no crowds whatsoever--- i think this is bc it is during the 1st, 2nd, 3rd weeks of the new school year and parents typically don't want their kids to miss this time---anyways..we had a great time! i highly recommend this time of year---it is still hot summer weather but without the summer vacation crowds...we were able to literally walk onto any ride that we wanted! hope things work out good for you and have a great trip!!!

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    My family was also down there last week of Aug into the first week of Sept. The crowds were almost nonexistant but during the holiday weekend. People really come in on that Sat and Sun, but it really doesnt make things too bad. We still got on rides quickly and had no problems with dining.
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    WDW in August

    Hey there!
    For the past 5 years, I have gone to WDW the last week of August. And we are going again this year August 26th thru 31st.
    I find the crowds to be light. We have never had to wait more than 15 minutes for any ride we went on. I remember going on Expedition Everest
    about 10 times in a row and the line was moving fast.

    The weather is still nice and hot but i like it that way. The free dining plan is so excellent. We ate at places that we normally would not have been able to afford and we even split counter service meals because i found that it was too much food for my sons and me!!
    I really did not see much if any difference in crowd level because of the free dining - it is a slow time of year and it is Hurricane season and most kids are back in school already.
    You will have a great time

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    For the past 3 years my family went in late or mid August. The crowds are pretty light and the lines aren't that bad. The only downside is the weather os burning hot and the sun practically scorches you. You have drink plenty of water and go in all the cool rides.

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    The last week of August has been our traditional time to go, too. It can be very rainy - lots of thunderstorms, but not usually an all-day thing. and HOT! Crowds are generally light to moderate. Crowd level in general isn't affected by the free dining, but the ability to get ADR's for the table service restaurants definitely is! Make sure to make all your dining arrangements as soon as possible, or you may find yourself shut out of popular places or eating at some really weird hours.

    Free dining doesn't start until August 26th this year. You may be able to take advantage of it for the bulk of your trip, but you'll have to book a one-day stay for the 25th and then the rest of the trip as a Magic Your Way + dining package. You may want to talk to your travel agent about it.

    One thing to note, I've heard of several states that have started to change their school schedules, so more kids are not going back to school until after labor day. This may cause some change in the crowd levels.
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    Always go mid to late Aug and its good. Crowds are not too bad and weather is at least predictable - ie: it rains every day, usually in the afternoon, and only for a short while. But we are Brits - we are used to the rain!
    This year we will be at POFQ from 13th - 28th Aug - maybe see you in the parks!
    Have a great time.

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