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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss How busy is Disney World in June in the Ask The Experts forums; Hello I am going to be going to Disney World on the week of June 16th though June 23rd. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how busy it ...
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    How busy is Disney World in June

    Hello I am going to be going to Disney World on the week of June 16th though June 23rd. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how busy it is going to be. Also if anyone knows what the best day is to go to each of the parks would be.
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    Unfortunately, it's pretty crowded there in June. The schools have let out and it seems the entire living world is there. I've found that the best day to go to the parks is on Monday through Thurs. You can hang it up on the weekends.

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    yea i think june and july is the most busy but i would say if u stay on proerty then on the extra magic hour days go to a diffrent park it will be alot less crowed have and awsome time ill be there in july
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    yep.. its packed if you havent gotten the point from other people. this website ( discusses crowd levels and ou can always refer back to it as it gets closer to your actual vaca.
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    i wnet a few years ago in the first week of june and the crowds were pretty decent, but when i left it was packed. i think it depends when in june you go. my family and i normally go in june butthis year we are going the first 2 weeks in august. does anyone know about the crowds then?

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    Very crowded!!!

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    Actually, I remember reading once that Saturday was the best day to go, because most guests at WDW are out of town tourists, and most vacations start and end on Saturday. I read this a while ago, and only remember it because I found it so surprising.

    Personally, I only ever go on the weekends, and don't usually get there until late in the day, so I'm afraid I can't be very helpful with respect to which days of the week are better than others. What I can tell you, however, is that at the MK, late at night is a good time to be in the park, so I would plan my day at MK when they're open the latest. You can get a good idea of how crowded Disney thinks the parks will be based on the hours at MK. The later they close, the more crowded it will likely be during the day. However, interestingly enough I've noticed, without exception, that no matter how late the park is open, the crowds are dramatically thinner after Wishes. So if Wishes is at 10 and the park is open til midnight, you can expect it to be insanely crowded right up until 10:15, but after that everyone leaves. I have more than once arrived at MK at 4PM or so and done way more stuff between 10 and midnight than I got to do between 4 and 10.

    Note, however, that we don't usually go on any of the "big" rides, like Space Mountain. I know fastpasses for them are usually gone by around 6 even if the park is open til midnight, so I would not risk skipping them during the day and hope to find a short standby line at 11:30 or so. Many of the popular attractions, like Buzz Lightyear, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, and most of Fantasyland, however, you can often just walk right on.

    Anyway, my advice is to start your planning with MK, since the hours of operation vary much more widely at MK than at any other park. See which days it is open latest, and schedule your MK visit one or two of the latest days. You might consider doing something else earlier in the day, since it will be crowded, but whatever you do plan on staying til closing. Then plan the rest of your trip around that.

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    Hiya, I'll be in the parks from the 17th through the 20th of June this year. (Only about a month to go!) From my experience the parks are quite crowded in June while getting progressively more crowded through August. After schools are back in session it dies off until the Thanksgiving / Christmas holiday.

    It's also hot. August has always been hotter but June ranks right up there.

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