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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Best resort for teens in the Ask The Experts forums; My family and I are looking into coming to Disney now in possibly September, due to the fact that we could still take advantage of the Dining Plan special. What ...
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    Best resort for teens

    My family and I are looking into coming to Disney now in possibly September, due to the fact that we could still take advantage of the Dining Plan special.

    What I am wanting to know is what resort do any of you recommend for 3 teens (17, 15 & 13) all girls and why? I would like to know on both Moderate and Value. We watched the Disney Video last night on the resorts and the girls thought that All-Star Sports looked fun and also Carribean Beach, but I would love to know what you experts think.

    Thanks alot in advance for any advice and opinions.


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    Well the resorts they think look cool actually are. Ha ha, With All-Star Sports your going to get a lot of other teens there, it's generally where baseball, basketball, soccer and any other teams will generally go for a tournament or something so it depends on the time you are there it could get very noisey. But it's a great resort with lots to see. And Carribean Beach has that...well beach feel too it. There is plenty to do, Volleyball, Pool, Relax on one of the beaches and rent boats out into the water. I have never stayed at All Star Sports but I have stayed at Carribean Beach and it was excellent, the food court is great and so is the pool. That's all the info I can give you but I am sure there are many others on here that can give you a more in depth review.

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    for teens which i am one i actullay like staying walking distance to any park so after dinner or something at ur hotel u can leave your family and do anything u want to do at your pace and also with a nice pool at the hotel. for the value resorts all them are close to the AK so its not walking but a short bus and all the pools are nice. moderate resorts i would go for shopping one of the Port orleans hotel both are nice to stay at i like the riverside more. there close to downtown disney but my favorite has to be carribean beach resort the theme is great there and fair amount to do there. and the pools are some of the best on WDW
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    i have stayed at the sports and i would say its very teen friendly!! when i was there.. a BUNCH of soccers teams from other countries where there.. and even though there was alots of teams there.. it didnt seem overly crowded or noisy and this was in July
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    Pretty much all of the Value resorts are awesome for teens, but I like Pop Century the most in general. As for the moderate resorts, I'd say Coronado Springs or Caribbean Beach because you can rent the water mouse boats and ride them in the lagoons in their respective hotels which would be fun with a group of teens, but I'd say Coronado Springs just because it's less spread out.

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    Since you're traveling with three teen girls, I think you should consider a moderate rather than a value. The bathroom area in the Values is rather small with only one sink. This can be problematic when you're all getting ready to go out at the same time. Plus, the Moderates have larger rooms than the values.

    Of the Moderates we like them all except for Coronado Springs. Our kids (15 & 12) like Port Orleans French Quarter and Caribbean Beach best. They especially like the boat rentals at CB which they do without us.


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    When I was a teen (not too long ago), I loved Caribbean Beach Resort. There were so many pools and areas to hang out. The food court was awesome! Then again, the value resorts did not exist then. But the a family of 5, they will be rather small.
    I would also recommend taking a trip to the boardwalk. I used to love that area, especially in the evening. Those girls can have lots of fun shopping, seeing the local acts, dining, going to the small shops and maybe even the Atlantic Dance hall (it's usually 21+ but it's always quiet and I have been able to walk in there before I was 21 as long as it wasn't too late).

    Another tip, I really wish my parents did this but if you get a chance and your daughters enjoy music/dancing, take them to Pleasure Island. Though some of the clubs are 18/21+, many let in teens as long as parents are accompanying them. I especially recall many teens at 8 Trax when I went last year.

    I hope this helps. Have fun!
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    Personally I'm a big beach club fan, my cousins and I love being able to walk right into Epcot (through the international gateway), without our parents!! Oh and yea I forgot, being able to walk across to boardwalk is great too, theirs a lot of stuff to do their. Hope it helps!!

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    From what I've seen, all the All-Star resorts are very similar, but obviously with different theming. From what I saw at the All-Star Music, everything has a music theme of course, and whatever the themes are for the other resorts. I believe there are two pools at each of those resorts. I always like to walk around and go into the store or grab a snack to eat. Either way, you will find a lot of teens at most resorts. Food is always good at Disney (better than the food at my college), just get in line early if you have plans after eating. But yeah, there's plenty to do at the resorts and there's plenty to do at Disney!

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    When I was a teen I liked the Port Orleans Riverside, but then I wasn't your "normal" teen. I'm going to go against the grain and say that most teen girls probably wouldn't like All-Star Sports.....I've heard a lot of parents say that their teen didn't like the resot because they weren't into sports. If you daughtres like sports this may be okay, but if they don't, a differetn hotel may suit you better.
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    Well I think I can give my opinion here seeing that I actually am a teen--I'm 15. I just got back from my Disney vacation 2 days ago. We stayed at the All Star Music resort and it was very nice. They have 2 pools, a gift shop, and an arcade area where they'll find lots of other teens to hang out with. I never saw the All Star Sports resort, but I'm sure it's just as good as the Music resort, and it's very affordable. I would definitely say that the All Star Sports would be a good choice...but I can't compare it to the others because I've never stayed at them. I heard that Pop Century is a very popular resort as well.

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