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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Best Proposal in the Ask The Experts forums; OKAY, the time has come for me to propose to my girl in the Magic Kingdom. I need some suggestions on the best way to do it. Here are a ...
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    Exclamation Best Proposal

    OKAY, the time has come for me to propose to my girl in the Magic Kingdom. I need some suggestions on the best way to do it. Here are a few tips I know of, and shes given me.

    Favorite Character: Pluto

    Favorite Ride: Splash Mountain

    Biggest Wish: Proposed to in front of castle. <--- This is a big one, but doing it during the fireworks show has probably be done...

    What I am looking for, is something extremely unique, and yet, I continuously draw a blank. If anyone can send me suggestions, PLEASE, send it to my email address: Mainly because my girlfriend knows my account info on the forum, bt not for my email account. Please, email me at:

    Thanks ever so much for your continued welcomings. I am so happy to be here, it's really awesome!!!

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    Just so you know, this is LordofStitch. I am posting here so my girlfriend can't look at the recent posts/threads by me, and this account in unknown to her. Sorry, but I need to be secretive about this!!!! Thanks. Love you all!

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    Oooooooooooo!!!! Ok ok I gotta get to thinking about this... I'm thinking something involving Pluto and working it out ahead of time somehow. I know Disney doesn't really "assist" with this sort of thing because they'd be bombarded with requests for it all the time but with the YOAMD celebration going on now you never know. I have no idea how you'd work it but working it out to be during the show in front of the castle is what I keep thinking. I have no idea how this could work or if you'd be able to somehow beg a CM for help but y'never know.
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    Here are some sites with some ideas Here is one about Disneyland but there is someone who reponds who did the deed in WDW
    Gifts of a Lifetime may also have some ideas for you
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible!

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    oh oh oh!!

    Ask the Disney officials if they could stop your log on Splash Mountain when you're at the wayyyyyy top!! Then propose to her so that way you're on her favorite ride and you can see Cinderella Castle in the distance. If/When she says yes, you both share your moment and of course in her response, you "take the plunge" to begin your new life together.

    It's realllllllly difficult to do but, who knows, you wanted unique and that's pretty durn unique.
    Remember, Dreams Come True!

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