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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Magic Kingdom Bricks in the Ask The Experts forums; Originally Posted by attackwithnorth My family and I have a brick outside of the Magic Kingdom that we got in 1995. We always stop by and look at it. I ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by attackwithnorth View Post
    My family and I have a brick outside of the Magic Kingdom that we got in 1995. We always stop by and look at it. I wish they would continue with this and with programs like it. My mother and I also have a Leave a Legacy photo and we would like to leave more of ourselves around the parks!
    As long as you mean by purchasing some bricks and whatnot then I don't have a problem with you leaving more of yourself in the parks.

    Couldn't help it!

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    I have a brick from 1995. It is also located outside the Magic Kingdom gates, as you come off the monorail. There is a tree with an iron fence at the bottom of a ramp. There is also one of those kiosks where they hang posters. It is between the tree and the poster kiosk. It was a wedding gift. My mom even put my cat's name on the block.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mritty View Post
    They're not encouraging anyone to Leave a Legacy anymore. The program was ended about a month ago.
    Took the words right from my fingers. I certainly hope no CMs are encouraging folks to do it since the booths are gone. LOL!

    I certainly hope they continue with this line of thinking... the whole "permanent souveneir" thing. I missed out on the bricks and even though I was at the parks probably 12 times while LaL was open, I never did it. Glad though because the time I almost did was with my ex... and I'd be a little upset to know a picture of us together was out there in permanancy. LOL!!
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    My husband and I have a brick too, I want to know if they notify you if they are removing your brick for some reason, even if it was broke I would put it in my own yard.

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    We have a brick too. It's located at the TTC between one of the tram stops and ticket windows, almost underneath the resort monorail loop. Last trip we took a pic of baby yensid next to it and plan to get another pic of her sitting next to it this summer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by disneymomx2 View Post
    My sister and brother and I have one. It was a Christmas gift from our aunt back in the early 90's. Problem is, I can't find it the past few times I have been down. I was wondering if there is a way to get the coordinates again like they used to do. I know it is near the ramp coming off the monorail but I can't find it to show my kids now.
    My son and I have a brick on the walkway between the Polynesian and the Wedding Pavilion.

    If you need help finding your brick, stop at City Hall the next time you are in the Magic Kingdom. They can look up the location on a computer. We even got a map with the exact location circled.

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