For 3 years I have been batting around the idea of geting in on DVC. My Lt. at work has a membership, and my best buddy and his wife just signed up @ SS. It looks very promising as far as already paying for your vacation, great accomodations, and the other perks.

My question to anyone who has the knowledge is this:

What is the value of todays points versus point values in the past.
Example: Lets say I wanted ( 5 years ago) to stay at Poly in a standard room for 1 week. Would it cost the same number of points today as it did 5 years ago, and would it cost the same amount of points 5 years from now? Do the point vlaues stay the same for only your "home" resort and fluctuate for other resorts?

Also, do you pay taxes on the "property" you own PLUS the "asociation" fee or just the "association" fee?

I have the idea of certain amount of points gets you certain accomodations for diffrent seasons and such, and the option of giong anywhere the points are used in the world. I only wanted to see if I could get further before I bugged the wife on this again.

Thanks in advance for everyones help!!