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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss When do they come down in the Ask The Experts forums; Does anyone know when they start taking the Christmas decorations down?...
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    When do they come down

    Does anyone know when they start taking the Christmas decorations down?

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    I could be wrong but when the decorations come down, it's an overnight deal. Just like they put them up. I see Osborne lights running until January 6th but I am not sure about the Christmas decorations.

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    Usually it's a couple of days after the new year. maybe Jan 6th is about right. You will see them one day and then the next they will be gone, it's Disney magic!!!
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    Yeah they usually come down fast, they are usually up the first weekend after the new year and i believe they come down during that following week

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    Yep everyone is pretty much right... based on my experience from back when we were passholders, it pretty much happens overnight (and those that take a little longer to come down just don't get lit any more until they're down) and it's soon after NYE. I dunno if there's an exact date though because I could swear they were up longer after the 2006 New Year than the 2007 New Year but I could be wrong.
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