The last time we were at Disney Quest in 2006, my brother & I wanted to play DDR, but it was mobbed. So we got distracted by this game just to the left of it. It was a drum game all in Japanese (as far as we saw) that was similar to DDR gameplay. There was a set of drums for each player & each player had 2 drumsticks. Different icons meant to hit the drums in certain spots in certain ways, and you had to hit it as each icon registered on a thing just like DDR/GuitarHero (up & down I believe). The icons were things like circles, double circles, lines, etc. The songs --I'm not even sure if we could really hear the music in there between our screaming & yelling & the rest of the noise of the place-- but I doubt the music was American or even English.

We loved that game! We were hardly able to figure out the settings & icons, but it was a blast. It feels like we were playing it forever but it was really only 45 minutes, & we only left cuz our parents finally got there & we just had to show them everything else we had found. We've always said since then that we have got to find that game to buy for ourselves! But we don't know the name of it!

Now Christmas is coming & I'm really trying to find it to get for my bro. I've tried describing it to my friend that works at GameStop but the closest thing she knows of is Taiko Drums, & while the object is about the same, the screenshots are very different so I doubt that's it. Any ideas?