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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss West Side in the Ask The Experts forums; I've been to the DD Marketplace quite often, and some of my family has been over to PI. I know that the Marketplace is free, but PI you have to ...
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    West Side

    I've been to the DD Marketplace quite often, and some of my family has been over to PI. I know that the Marketplace is free, but PI you have to pay admission for. There's a few restaurants we might want to be eating at in our upcoming trip over at the West Side. Do you have to pay for admittence to the West Side?

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    I don't believe so
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    I thought you only had to pay admission to the clubs on PI. At least thats how it was when I went last December and I think West side is also free.

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    West Side is free and you're right...there are some great restaurants over there. Check out HOB for sure!
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    You used to have to pay to get into Pleasure Island. That is no longer true. Rather, you now only need to pay to get into the actual clubs. You can purchase either a single-club ticket or a multi-club ticket. The single-club ticket is, obviously, only good for one club. The multi-club ticket is good for all clubs throughout the night, so you can hop from one to the others all night long. (The single-club ticket, however, is not valid at the Adventurer's Club nor the Comedy Warehouse). Everyone can walk through the Pleasure Island grounds, listen to the DJs, shop in the stores, eat at Raglan Road, etc. No fee is required for any of that.

    Neither Marketplace nor West Side have any sort of entrance fee. West Side does have both DisneyQuest and Cirque Du Soleil, both of which do require admission. A Magic Your Way Water-Park-Fun-and-More option can be used for admission to DisneyQuest (it can also be used for a Pleasure Island multi-club ticket), or you can buy admission right outside the entrance. Cirque Du Soleil tickets can be bought online in advance, or at the Cirque Du Soleil box office. There is no entrance fee to any of the West Side shops or restaurants, however.

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    Excellent summary mritty....

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    The entire DTD complex has free admission unless you pay to get into a Pleasure Island club or DisneyQuest.
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    and Cirque Du Soleil, plus the parking is free

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    I assume the exception to this is New Year's Eve where I noticed the ticket ran about $100.00 for the night.
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