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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss First time to WDW - Easter!!! NEED ADVICE in the Ask The Experts forums; My kids get out of school the week for Easter Break..We will be arriving before Easter Sunday..I've subscribed to to get the extra advice, cheat sheets and the ...
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    Exclamation First time to WDW - Easter!!! NEED ADVICE

    My kids get out of school the week for Easter Break..We will be arriving before Easter Sunday..I've subscribed to to get the extra advice, cheat sheets and the recommendation of what parks not to go to..They recommend not going to MK on Easter Sunday...we are not, we are going to SeaWorld. We plan on going to MK on Tuesday for the Early morning hours. my children are 5 and 8 and Im afraid they wont get to go on anything.

    This is all too confusing and nerve racking. Had anyone been to the parks around easter and in your opinion what day is best or should I just follow the advise from touring plan site. This came from the unoffical walt disney guide.

    Any help would be so greatly appreciated!!

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    The Unofficial Guide and are very well researched and they have a proven track record for good, accurate advice. So you can relax a bit and trust what they tell you to do!

    The kids will be able to get on attractions, but maybe not everything they want, so you all should sit down and make a priority list before you go: let everyone pick one must-see attraction for the top of the list, then their second choice, etc. and then they won't be disappointed. Pack lots of patience for the long lines - and you might pick up a copy of "The Disney Queue Line Survival Guidebook" by Kimberly Button for activities to do while waiting as well as advice about each attraction.

    You may also find WDW Peak Seasons- Walt Disney World Peak Season vacation information helpful, too.

    Good luck, and have a great time!
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    I have to concur - the plans from the Unofficial Guide have never let me down yet. Follow them, and you'll largely stay ahead of the crowds. If there's something on the plan you're following that none of you have desire to go on, skip it and move on to the next attraction.

    DO NOT EXPECT TO DO "EVERYTHING". That will not happen even on the slowest day of the year, even with a seasoned Disney veteran leading you. There's too much to see and do. You will not do everything. You will do a lot, you will almost never be bored. But there *will* be things you'll have to save for the next trip. I know it's upsetting. That's okay, go ahead and be upset about it now. By the time you get there, hopefully you'll be over it. Once you get yourself firmly in that mindset, "missing" an attraction becomes a lot less stressful.

    If you're eating counter service, try your best to eat at odd times. Have lunch at 10:30am or 2pm. Have dinner at 4pm or 9pm. Not only will the restaurants be less crowded so you'll get your food faster, the attractions will be less crowded at the "normal" eating times, because everyone's in the restaurants.

    Strategically place yourself for the daytime parade. Consider lining up right at the start of the parade route - near the entrance to Splash Mountain. That way when the parade's over, you can move on to other attractions while half the park is still lined up to watch the parade. Near Town Square on Main St is probably the worst place to be - not only have most of the parade viewers already gotten back to the attractions, you have to fight through the sea of humanity back down Main St. I also like the hub - as soon as the parade passes, you can make your way back into Fantasyland or Tomorrowland.

    You said your kids are 5 and 8. Keep in mind that being on vacation, being in Walt Disney World, does not magically increase their stamina nor durability. You have to go at their pace. You cannot force them to go at yours. If you do, you'll have two very tired, very cranky, very upset children (and likely a very tired, very cranky, very upset parent). When you feel a meltdown coming, take them to Pooh's Playful Spot or Tom Sawyer island to let them run around mostly unstructured, or to the Cinema in the back of the camera shop on Main St to let them watch some old Disney shorts, or onto the TTA for a nice relaxing scenic tour of Tomorrowland.

    You said you're going for a morning EMH. Be there well before the early opening. If EMH starts at 8am, be there at 7:30 at the latest. If you don't, you're losing the entire point of the Extra Magic Hour. The rest of the park public will be let in at 9am. You have only one hour to get yourself ahead of where the crowds will want to be when they get there. Showing up at 8:30 is not going to help you, and you'd be better served going to a park that doesn't have EMH that day.

    Hope you have a Magical Easter! :-)

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