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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss lego attraction downtown disney in the Ask The Experts forums; Does anyone know what the lego attraction is at downtown son is a huge lego fan and think he would like this...Can anyone tell me what its like? Anything ...
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    lego attraction downtown disney

    Does anyone know what the lego attraction is at downtown son is a huge lego fan and think he would like this...Can anyone tell me what its like? Anything else in downtown disney that the kids would like from experience...ages 5 and 8

    and does anyone have a suggestions on not to miss disney resort restaurants with kids, other than chef mickeys, whispering cafe?

    thanks and have a great day

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    The Lego Store at DTD is pretty cool - definitely a must-visit if your kids like Legos.

    (oh, and there is a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more in the back of the 2008 Birnbaums Guide to Walt Disney World)

    Other fun stops for the kids at DTD include World of Disney (HUGE store full of everything Disney), Once Upon a Toy (build your own lightsaber, Mr. Potato Head w/exclusive Disney pieces, and I think My Little Pony too, among other things), and Rainforest Cafe, which also has a store. There is a large pin store too.

    Disney resort restaurants w/kids.... 'Ohana is nice, kids like the character breakfast, and the dinner has things to keep the kids entertained.
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    I wouldn't really call it an "attraction". Downtown Disney has a giant Lego Store. You can find pretty much any kind of lego you can think of - both sets and individual pieces. There's an entire wall of nothing but containers of blocks of different shapes and colors.

    Outside the store you will find many different Lego sculptures and scenes in the window. There's a family on vacation, a sea-monster, some dinosaurs, and more. These are all great photo-ops. And if you look carefully, you'll see that the scenes in the Window are actually the vacation photo albums of that same family (because *Everything* has to have a story line in Disney. :-) )

    Also, out the back entrance of the store, you'll find a play area where kids can assemble and play with their own lego creations. I think they sometimes have contests or events there, but I don't know for sure.

    Other things in Downtown Disney for kids.... there's the magic shop in West Side. There's the "Once upon a Toy" store in Marketplace, which has some really great fun theming inside and out. There's also roving performers and entertainers in the Marketplace, and a small carrousell near the Pin Trading station.

    Sorry, can't help with the resort restaurants - I only stay at Pop Century.

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    There is a fun activity for kids at the AkL. They have night viewing of the animals in the Savanah using night goggles, but they also have an art activity where kids use crayons to do brass rubbings on the metal decorations in the floor. They place paper over the brass plaques and use crayons to rub over the brass and imprint the plaque on the paper.
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    Speaking from a little girl's perspective...I really enjoyed 1900 Park Faire Character Breakfast in Grand Floridian. It came as one of our perks for the trip and I got to eat with Mary Poppins which was waaaay cool.
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    Downtown Disney is great to spend a few hours exploring...a lot is hands on for the kids, like building your own toys, Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique for girls, pirates and Star Wars for boys, and more than enough for the parents to look at.
    As for the resorts, a great place to go for a snack is Beaches and Cream, at the Beach Club. Not only is it fantastic ice cream, the adjacent Boardwalk resort offers oodles of activities. My personal favourites are the tandem bikes (you sit side-by-side, with two rows of two, and a roof over your head) and the Fantasia minigolf by the Swan and Dolphin.

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