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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Best park for a rainy day? in the Ask The Experts forums; I'm leaving this Friday for a 9 day visit! Having checked the weather report, it looks like there could be some rainy days next week, which got me to thinking. ...
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    Best park for a rainy day?

    I'm leaving this Friday for a 9 day visit! Having checked the weather report, it looks like there could be some rainy days next week, which got me to thinking. Does anyone have any thoughts on which park would be the best to visit if it looks like it's going to rain a good portion of the day, i.e., which park would have the most indoor entertainment? Thanks for any input!

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    I would have to say Epcot or Disney's Hollywood Studios, Epcot because in Future world you have all of the pavilions with rides in them like "Living with the land" or "Soarin" and "Mission Space". I don't know it "Test Track" is open in the rain or not and "Space Ship Earth" Might be open don't know for sure or not. And you also have "Nemo". In DHS you have "Hollywood Tower of Terror" extra creepy on a rainy day, lol. And "Rock nRoller coaster" and "The Great Movie Ride", "Star Tours" and some of the shows. Hope this helps!! And hopefully it will just rain for 5 minuets like it does most of the time, lol. Have a great time!!!
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    I have to concur with Epcot. With the lone exception of Test Track, all the Future World attractions will be open. The only downside is that some of World Showcase's entertainment might not be held.

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    I think Epcot would be great for a rainy day, somehow it would go with the Epcot theme in a odd, odd, way.

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    See, I would say Animal Kingdom. If you can wear your poncho and stand a few sprinkles, AK is the best. All the animals come out in the rain and the people leave. You can ride the Safari numerous times in a row without getting off because all the animals are out cooling off!
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    Magic Kingdom: we have spent many rainy days at MK and still enjoyed every minute.

    * We've been to Epcot in the rain and it's always a drag. We always seem to be way over in the countries and after a while you need to just make a run for it when the rain just doesn't let up.
    * We love MGM for the Citizens of Hollywood and they don't perform in the rain, so that's a drag
    * The Animals in AK seem to be more hidden in the rain, so that's a drag.

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    I've never actually been to Epcot in the rain, but with all the indoor things to do, I can see why lots of people choose that one.

    We did, however, get a torrential downpour while we were in what was then MGM. Not the usual Florida rain- they had to usher people off of "Lights, Motors, Actions" because of the metal bleachers and lightning and all. They advised everybody to go use this opportunity to find shelter or something like that. (Meanwhile, my cousins had a great sunny day in Seaworld... go figure...) Anyways, most of our group left but I stayed with a few others. It rained the rest of the day on and off, but the great thing was that the park had totally emptied out! And this was July 4th week! We had lots of fun going through things like the Walt Disney museum (One Man's Dream or something like that... the name escapes me now...) and all the other fascinating indoor things. By the time the rain stopped in the evening, we were able to walk right up to anything (including Fantasmic and the Great Movie Ride) with no wait.

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    I can't really say which park is the best for rainy days. What my family always does when it starts raining is use the time to head into some of the many shops and look around. I know a lot of them have the same things after going into all of them but it's nice just to take time and look once in a while. Magic Kingdom is probably one of the best parks though along with EPCOT then followed by DHS and AK. I've been caught at all of the parks in the rain, including DTD. It's going to happen at least once more than likely while you are down there and the best thing to do is buy rain ponchos and do inside stuff if it is really coming down. Try and stick it out at whatever park you are at (especially if it is really packed) because it always seems like after a big down pour people leave the park and it's less crowded.


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    I would say that unless there are expected downpours or thunderstorms all day long, don't let the weather affect what you do too much. Just pick whichever park you're in the mood for. Florida rains usually don't last long, and all of the parks provide something indoors for you to do if rain should happen. Hopefully by the time you are done with your indoor activity the rain will have passed. We were down there in Sept of 06 and it rained everyday but it didn't really end up affecting us. When the rain would fall, we would stop to see a show or something and by the time the show was done, so was the rain. Like I said, unless you are expecting a monsoon or something try not to let the rain get in your way. And, of course, have fun!!

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    Oh, I forgot, we also got stuck in the rain in Tomorrowland, which actually wasn't that bad. Buzz Lightyear, Stich's Great Escape, and Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor are all indoors. You don't get too wet on the TTA, either. We hit those attractions and also spent a while shopping there. Luckily, the rain cleared up in time for the fireworks!

    But like everybody else says- if you can, stick it out. As far as my experience goes, the parks tend to empty out after the rain leaving them much less crowded.

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    I have been to Epcot in the rain and it wasn't that fun. I agree that they do have a lot of indoor attractions in Future World, however, the park is so spread out that you would be caught out in the rain a lot. World Showcase isn't fun in the rain because half the fun is strolling around the countries taking it all in, such as all the entertainment that mostly takes place outside. I would recommend Magic Kingdom. A limited number of attractions are outdoors and the attractions are pretty close together that you should be caught out in too much rain. You also may want to consider which night shows you want to view. Unless you have a Park Hopper, if it is raining at the park when the night show takes place, not sure if they cancel them due to the rain, then the experience might not be as great. Hope you have a great time on your trip!!!

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    i think magic kingdom everything is indoors and close walk
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    i'm going to have to agree and say MK...i've been caught in the rain in all the parks...usually fla rain lets up in about an hr....and i also noticed that it tended to rain about the same time everyday(maybe that's just me)...i also bring a sweatshirt with a hood just incase.

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