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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss what hotels are best for preschoolers in the Ask The Experts forums; We are going to disney for a week in May and wanted to know what hotels are best for preschoolers. Our daughter is 3yrs 10 months when we go. We ...
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    what hotels are best for preschoolers

    We are going to disney for a week in May and wanted to know what hotels are best for preschoolers. Our daughter is 3yrs 10 months when we go. We wanted to know if there were any programs for kids at the hotels and what age ranges do they accomidate. Also are there babysitt!!ing services at all the hotels? We stayed at the Riverside last year for about 5 days...however, we did not have the opportunity to check on babysitting. We were thinking about staying at the New Orleans resort this time. Any suggestions? Our daughter loves pools and waterslides.


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    We opened the French Quarter (then Port Orleans) when my daughter was 2 months old and moved over to POR when she was about 4 (then Dixie) they were separate resorts at the time. We found FQ easier to navigate with a small child and the playground very appropriate for preschoolers. Other than pastries I am
    not a fan of FQ Food court. My son and I actually walked to the food court at POR after giving FQ another try this summer. FQ's sit down dining was still boarded up (literally) this past summer. So few food options, but that is the only down side I can think of. It is a small and quaint resort, she'll be able to walk to bus in morning, and not too far to carry her anywhere in the evening.

    The things I'd recommend looking into: Baby sitting, we never used however when mine were young, it was outsourced, not actual Disney employees.
    The kids clubs are open to all guests staying on property as I recall, but are for children 4yrs and up. Now I don't know how Disney budges on two months but...that might be an issue as they have to draw the line somewhere. I know Disney retains info in their computers. I always fudged their B-Days by a day or two since I didn't want so much personal info out in cyberspace. One year when mine were young, while making ressies, they came back and said the date of birth wasn't matching our previous visit. Needless to say I was surprised. So I'd ask in advance if they'd take her. I still fudge D.O.B. To much info out there.

    The other thing is look at each resorts pool closings. Many of the pools at the resorts are closing for rehabs and sending you to other hotels for pool use. I'd look into which ones will be closed during your vacation time.

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    I know that Wilderness Lodge could be attractive for children because of bunkbeds that you can book. Your kids may enjoy sleeping in them. I also believe that they have good babysitting as well. That may be a little off topic for your question, but I thought you might be interested in that.
    92 - Off Property
    94 - Port Orleans French Quarter
    96 - Polynesian
    98 - Wilderness Lodge
    00 - Wilderness Lodge
    02 - Grand Floridian
    03 - Animal Kindgom Lodge
    04 - Pop Century
    05 - Wilderness Lodge
    06 - Port Orleans Riverside
    07 - Polynesian
    09 - Saratoga Springs/ Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas
    11 - Bay Lake Tower/Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani
    11 - Beach Club
    11 - Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani
    12 - Old Key West
    12 - TBD (Honeymoon Trip!)

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