For those of you who have never heard of this, Disney World Moms is a place, sort of like this, but questions are answered by Moms. No, I'm not trying to take away the experts from here. We have a lot of people with wonderful knowledge of all ages. However, if you're a mother and you would like more advice from a mom's perspective (or a dad, there is one dad), go to Moms Panel | Walt Disney World Resort. If you are not registered on a Disney-affiliated website, register and then you'll have access to the Disney World Moms webpage and all other Disney-affiliated websites. I thought this might be helpful for Moms who would like to hear things from a mother's perspective. If you want to hear things from a younger person's perspective or whatnot, this would be the spot. The Disney World Moms is more for questions and answering. Not storytelling, like here. Anyway, hope that helps!