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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Ice Cream Social? in the Ask The Experts forums; Is the ice cream social going to be running from March 10 - 20th?...
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    Arrow Ice Cream Social?

    Is the ice cream social going to be running from March 10 - 20th?

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    I don't think so, because as I recall that is located in The Land Pavillion, right? And that is closed, and might still be, until the completion of the Soarin' attraction which is going in this spring.

    I would call and see if they are taking PS for then, I am not sure of an exact date when that was going to reopen. It was just shut down in January so it may still be closed in March.
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    The whole Land pavillion is going to be closed during that time.

    In addition, from Mouseplanet:
    …Despite the fact that The Land pavilion is expected to reopen on April 1, The Garden Grill restaurant is not reopening until June 25, and the Ice Cream Social at the restaurant is not returning until July 7.
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