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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss El Pirata Y el Perico??? in the Ask The Experts forums; So, for my past five or six trips over the past eight years or so, I've managed to avoid the busy times of year, going in early May, late August, ...
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    El Pirata Y el Perico???

    So, for my past five or six trips over the past eight years or so, I've managed to avoid the busy times of year, going in early May, late August, or early November. I used to LOVE El Pirata Y el Perico, but because its only opened seasonally, I haven't been in years...this year I'll be in the World for two weeks from August 6th....does anyone know if it will open at this time?

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    I don't think I ever saw this restaurant not open so maybe it's no longer seasonal. That said, if it is, I'd imagine in August it'd be open since that's peak season.
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    It's always been open when I've been there.

    Doesn't show it as being closed on here. Rehabs and Closings Schedule at Disney World
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    When I was there in January it was closed but like you said it's seasonal, but it should be open in August.
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    When we went last month, on the Showtimes and Park Hours Form (usually beside Guidemaps throughout the park) it said that it was only open for lunch! I think it was open from 11am until 3pm, but I would double check on this when you head to the Magic Kingdom. My brother LOVES El Pirata y El Perico and was a bit upset that we missed it. Good luck!
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    Im always there in value season so I always miss it as well. It is my favorite counterservice in the MK. Great Taco Salad! I always have to settle for Columbia Harbour House.

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    I don't think I've ever eaten there - what type of food do they serve?
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    I ate there for the first time last September. I'd been looking forward to it. But, even though the taco salad was good, the tortilla bowl it came in tasted like it was a week old - ewww!

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    We ate there in May last year and was back in October and January and it was closed. I love the tacos there. Food was really good!!! Hopefully it'll be open in May again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caribbean Lady View Post
    I don't think I've ever eaten there - what type of food do they serve?
    Basically mexican, check the menu on Deb's Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World
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