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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Emh? in the Ask The Experts forums; will utilizing the EMH at MK help during easter? when do you all think it will become unbearable?...
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    Question Emh?

    will utilizing the EMH at MK help during easter? when do you all think it will become unbearable?

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    If you are there before the EMH starts in the morning, you should be able to get through more attractions in the hour than you would during the rest of the day. But if you don't go to the EMH in the morning, don't go to the park that has the morning EMH that day - it will be more crowded.

    Evening EMH is a bit tougher to judge. Most likely it will make that park more crowded in the afternoon and evening going into EMH. The first 2 hours or so of EMH will probably still be busy, but crowds will thin by the third hour as people get tired and go back to the resorts.

    I haven't looked at the park hours for Easter time, but in October and in December there were some days when the late park hours + evening EMH meant the Magic Kingdom was open until 3 a.m. or even later! So you may want to check out the hours at
    Rule of thumb is that if you're not using EMH to go to the park that had EMH the day before. (i.e. if MK has EMH on Tuesday, go to MK on Wednesday)
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    I found it useful to sleep in on the days the park stayed open until 3am in the morning. We went to a park that didn't open early. Crowds were not bad and we were able to do a great deal. We then went with the masses over to the MK. It was crowded at first however dwindled each hour. It was eerie going back to the hotels though. We took the more "open" route to our room. It was 4 am before we were tucked in so sleeping in was necessary again. It is a trade off. Bonus. It was warm at Thanksgiving. We toured in cooler times.

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    we avoid the morning EMH because the park is very crowded. In fact, we go to a different park. However, we do take advantage of the evening EMH - last week we were at MK until 2:30 am. It was definitely worth it for the kids to ride the rollercoasters over and over. Sleep in the next day and enjoy a leisurely breakfast and then head to a park that's open later (like EPCOT open until 9). Getting there by 1 and staying until 9 still gives you a full day in the park but you'll be rested.

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    I use AM EMH whenever possible because the parks seem so much less crowded than during PM least in the early section of PM EMH.

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