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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Pens for Character Autographs in the Ask The Experts forums; Anyone know how well a Sharpie pen works on the autograph books you can purchase in the parks? I know it is easier for the characters to sign with big ...
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    Pens for Character Autographs

    Anyone know how well a Sharpie pen works on the autograph books you can purchase in the parks? I know it is easier for the characters to sign with big bodied pens but I am curious if the ink from a Sharpie would bleed through to the next page.
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    I'm not sure about fat Sharpies but Sharpie just came out with the fine point version of the clickable marker. That may work.

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    We have always used the fine point Sharpie, and last time bought that clickable kind Lori mentioned. It does bleed a bit, but we go into it with one autograph per page, hoping to put the picture on the facing page (or the back of the previous autograph) thereby covering it up. So, to answer you question- it will bleed to the back side, but I have not had issues with it bleeding to the next page.
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    I've used both fine and ultra fine sharpies, but with card stock. My DH made autograph book for me. It does not bleed through that.

    For the standard autograph books you can purchase at the parks, I never used a sharpie but rather just ball point pens.

    I prefer the look of the sharpies.
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    I'd suggest one of the larger pens with the black Mickey head that you can buy at the parks. It's easier for the characters and it doesn't bleed through the pages. I think Sharpie will bleed through

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    Well we use the ones that the park "provides". It costs about five times it should, three times are made up by the fact that it's a pen and two are because it only has 10 autographs worth of ink, but it's easier for the characters and it provides a great souvenir.

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    We use colored Sharpies and it doesn't seem to bleed as much as the black does.

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    I agree with the colored sharpies, we have 6 children and give them each a different color. Last year we didn't have any color bleed thru. Giving them each a different color kept arguements at bay as well, no more of "that's my pen...." We also knew which child was missing a pen when it was time to get things ready for the next morning!
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    We might have to try the colored sharpies. When we the first time my parents bought some pens in a package at one of the stores. They were big and fat. They lasted forever but that was also 22 years ago. Things were a lot cheaper (even at Disney) then.

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