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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Magical Express Tipping in the Ask The Experts forums; What is the typical tipping rate for the Magical Express drivers? Do they get tips per bag, at the beginning of the trip (after loading the bags on the bus), ...
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    Magical Express Tipping

    What is the typical tipping rate for the Magical Express drivers? Do they get tips per bag, at the beginning of the trip (after loading the bags on the bus), or at the end, at your hotel, or both? My daughter and her friends are going to be at the Beach Club in June and we want to make sure they have the right cash for tipping.

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    I do $2 for the first and $1-2 each additional depending on how big they are (3-4 big bags maybe $10). But I always wait until the end when they are unloading the luggage.

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    I tipped the driver of our magical express bus last March, but no one else that was getting off at the same time did. Ours was a mears driver on a DME bus and I always tipped the mears drivers. Who else tips?
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    We used ME for the first time our last trip. My dad tipped the guy after he unloaded our bags but I don't know how much. I'm pretty sure we were the only family on the bus that tipped.

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    Generally speaking, a tip is only expected when a personalized service is rendered, such as handling your luggage. If, on the trip from the airport to the resort, you're having DME deliver your luggage and you carry your own carry-ons into the bus with you, then the driver won't be handling any of your bags ... in such a scenario, a tip isn't necessary.

    If the driver does handle any of your bags, then a tip of $1 or $2 per bag is customary.

    Then again, if the driver is especially entertaining or informative, I'd also give a tip.

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