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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Disney World in July in the Ask The Experts forums; Will it be really hot and long lines if we go to Disney world in july? Trying to pick a good time to go?...
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    Disney World in July

    Will it be really hot and long lines if we go to Disney world in july? Trying to pick a good time to go?

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    I've been at the beginning, middle and towards the end of July. It is hot, we usually go back to the resort about 2 o'clock to take a break from the heat, and before that we try to do rides that are air conditioned. Lines are long...just due to the fact that everyone's off for summer, but if you don't mind waiting, some queues are pretty good with things to look at, which help to pass the time. Definitely get fast passes for rides (or extra magic hours if you're staying at a Disney resort) that have it, if you don't want to wait. I've never been at any other time during the year, and I can't imagine going at any other time, because to me that's our true disney vacation...waiting in the lines and it being super hot...and i actually enjoy it :S lol

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    Well, be prepared to melt. Seriously utterly melt. That pavement is hot. If you like water rides, those can cool you off in between, but there are wall to wall people and strollers. So, my advice is to take at least 2 outfits per day, bandaids for your heels, and B vitamins for your stress level.
    I personally prefer October when it gets into the upper 70's and the crowds are much much thinner.
    Good luck!
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    Don't forget your sunscreen, stay hydrated, wear hats/sunglasses, etc. I definitely echo taking advantage of AM and PM Extra Magic Hours as well as the fast passes. Best of luck and enjoy your trip.

    Some links:
    Taking the Heat: Summer Sun Survival in WDW
    When to Go? (Part 1 of 2)
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    Well my uncle swore he would never go back in July! lol! It all depends on your tolerance, though. From what I've heard, it's the hottest month to go down there. I love the heat, but I would prefer to go a little sonner or later. Like I'm going back in May and I'm hoping that'll be nice and I'll second Cinderella2 about October cuz it is nice down there weather wise and you don't melt! haha!
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    I've never been during that time of the year but my mom did it on her first trip and swore she'd never do it again. She says everything was extremely crowded and she remembers her flip flops actually sticking to the pavement because they were melting.

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    It's definitely a very warm time to visit WDW, but you're already heard some good advice on this thread. Knowing that it's going to be hot and crowded at least helps you gear up for it. Bring plenty of patience and use it. Unless you really want to experience Independence Day, I would avoid the week of the 4th. It's exciting, but VERY crowded.

    When dd was still in school and I was teaching, the summer months were the only time we could go. I do prefer to visit WDW in early fall or spring, now that I have the option.
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    I was there the last week of July last year and it never got into the 90's and I need a bit of humidity (Indiana keeps my nose bleeding most of the year). Anyways, it was warm, but not unbearable. THe lines weren't horrible, just make good use of fast passes. We never waited standby for more than about 20 minutes and did all the mountains a couple times. Longest lines were in Fantasyland, Peter Pan and Pooh were about 45-50 mins so we got FPs before going back to hotels for an afternoon nap/swim around 1-2pm. We usually head back about 4-5 thereby missing the strongest sun of the day.

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    Thanks everyone!

    Thanks for all of the information!

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