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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Pop Century in the Ask The Experts forums; I heard pop century is a nice value resort and that they have a bus just for that resort..what does that mean exactly? Also, for those of you had stayed ...
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    Pop Century

    I heard pop century is a nice value resort and that they have a bus just for that resort..what does that mean exactly?

    Also, for those of you had stayed there before, what part of the resort is the quietest?

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    When you're using the Disney transportation buses, some buses service more than one resort - for example, both Port Orleans French Quarter and Port Orleans Riverside may be sharing a bus at certain times of the day. The All Star Resorts also share buses - a bus may stop at All Star Movies, then go pick up more people at All Star Sports, and then maybe even at All Star Music before heading to the Magic Kingdom. It depends on the crowd level and time of day.

    Pop doesn't share a bus. There is one bus stop for the resort in front of the food court and that's it, you're on your way to your destination. So in theory, this means less crowded busses and shorter waits. It also means you don't have to wait on a crowded bus on the way back from a park while it stops at other resorts to let people off.

    I've only stayed there once, so sorry I can't help with the quietest part of your question. I was in the 50's buildings and did not notice any noise at all, but then it was during Mousefest and by the time I got to the room I was dead on my feet and an earthquake probably wouldn't have woken me up.
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    I always stay at Pop Century. The resort is so big that the Disney transportation has buses that service just Pop. Where the other All Star hotel buses stop at more than one of the resorts if there is room on the bus. For example the bus may stop first at Music and then go to Sports before heading to the parks. I have only had one issue with noise at Pop and that was in December when there were a ton of cheerleaders and football players during Pop Warner. I personally think it is worth the extra money to pay for a preferred room to be closer to the main building.
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    We have stayed at Pop Century once and enjoyed it very much. We had a room I believe was in the 70's building, we were facing the lake. We had requested this as someone else had given us that tip. It was quite a nice view and several times in the morning hours I took a walk over the bridge (I believe it is called generation bridge) and it was very peaceful.

    We also asked to be on the top floor (the 4th or 5th I think) which made it extremely quite as well.
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    I stayed in a preferred room on the third floor. The building was directly behind the main entrance that goes to the lobby and eating area but was off to the right but not facing the pool. Very quiet. Or I was exhausted. I think I got three hours of sleep that night... maybe two. It was a blurr.

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    I've stayed at the pop century twice, in the preferred locations, and I've never had a problem with noise. By the time I got back to the hotel at night, all the little children were asleep anyway
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    I've stayed at the Pop once and I loved it. We were in the 70's building and faced the lake. We didn't ask for that, that's what was given to us. Anyway, we didn't have any problems with noise. I love this resort.

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    Having stayed at Pop Century several times, and again starting next Saturday, I can say that, without a doubt, I have never had a problem with the noise level. Especially when comparing Pop to the All-Stars.
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    I've stayed at Pop Century twice and both times noise didn't seem to be a problem. The busses run efficiently and it is priced right.
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    I've done Pop Century 05,06 and 07. I have to say, that for the money, the hotel is great! I didn't run into any noise trouble, and while the buses were crowded when I went ( August in 05,06 and June 07) I noticed the Pop Century bus situation looked much better than some of the other resorts. I would recommend that hotel to anyone looking for a great value. Oh, and try the honey ham and Havarti flat bread sandwich! It's awesome!

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    We just got back from Pop yesterday. This was our fourth time and we will be staying there this Thanksgiving again. It is our favorite. We have stayed at other resorts, but prefer Pop because of the atmosphere. It has never been noisy when we have stayed there. Our favorite spot is the 50s area because it is pretty close and from the third or fourth floor of some of the buildings you can see the fireworks from Illuminations and MK. Our first time we stayed in the 80s and it was FAR from the food court and bus stop. So, if you don't want to risk having to walk so far, request a preferred room but most rooms are close enough to walk easily. I have noticed that the bus lines for Pop Century are often long while returning from the parks, but they usually have another bus coming right after it. I highly recommend it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by emabee View Post
    I've stayed at the Pop once and I loved it. We were in the 70's building and faced the lake. We didn't ask for that, that's what was given to us. Anyway, we didn't have any problems with noise. I love this resort.
    That's what we had too! We didn't request anything specific cuz we had never been there before, but we were in the 70s building by the Mickey phone and our room was facing the lake. It was really nice. We were on the backside so there weren't a lot of people or almost any noise. It was great because a few of the mornings me and my mom slept in a bit so it was nice to have that location.
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