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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Characters at MK in the Ask The Experts forums; I found it odd that there were no characters really walking around the park when we went over the Easter/Spring that normal..It was my first time ever and when ...
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    Question Characters at MK

    I found it odd that there were no characters really walking around the park when we went over the Easter/Spring that normal..It was my first time ever and when I walked into MK for the first time, I expected to see was kind of a let down

    We finally found characters over at MGM ( lots of them! ) Thats actually where we found Mickey..

    Let me ask those of you with the disney visa card. The card i guess gives you the perk of a character meet and you still have to stand in that long line in toontown? what is the actual benefit that this card provides?

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    The Disney Visa meet and greet is in Epcot, not the Magic Kingdom. It is behind a black curtain in one of the Innoventions buildings (east, I think?). It is NOT at the open-to-the-public Character Connection Spot next to the Foutainview Café. If you did not know to be there, you'd have no clue what's going on - just a line of people in front of a black curtain with a tiny sign that says "Disney Visa Card members". Before you go into the room behind the curtain, the CM checks your Disney Visa card to make sure it's not expired, and gives you a certificate for a free 5x7, to be picked up later that day at Epcot's photo center. Then you go behind the curtain - just you and your party, and the photopass photographer there snaps a bunch of pictures. The characters aren't even known until you get in, it's supposed to be a surprise. I had Mickey, Minnie, & Goofy one day, and just Minnie & Goofy another time a few months later.

    I don't know that I've seen characters randomly stroll around the park at Magic Kingdom. I did see that, repeatedly, on my Disneyland trip a couple weeks ago, and it took me buy surprise. It seemed much more "natural" and less structured than the meet-and-greets at Walt Disney World. At the Magic Kingdom, I usually see them in Town Square in a few distinct locations, each with their separate queues.

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    When you arrive when the park first opens, you will see a whole slew of characters on Main Street. When we were there, we saw Pinocchio and Gepetto in front of Exposition Hall, Minnie near there, Chip and Dale by the Emporium, Goofy, Pluto and others near the Roy and Minnie statue. We've also seen Wendy, Cruella de Vil, Mickey (rarely), Friar Tuck, Robin Hood, etc.....around Main Street. At almost all the parks, you can see characters when the park first opens.

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    One of my best early memories with my son was right after we walked through the tunnel into the courtyard of the MK Chip, ran up and stole my son's shoe and ran off with it into the theater. Dale covered his mouth and followed. I was stunned. My son was in his stroller, 14 months old, just giggling.

    My hubby and I were contemplating where to go to try and find this kids shoe as our day was just starting and he could barely walk let alone hop. The attendant came back with the shoe made some remark to my son about Chip being placed in time out and gave the DS two small Chip & Dale stuffed toys.
    I went from applaud to delighted as was my son. I miss the days when we would meet up with the character's randomly verses standing endlessly in line at some staged area. I think the characters were more delightful to meet the old way.
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    I'm guessing your a Disneyland native. In Disneyland the characters roam free, I'm guessing that has something to do with it being more of a locals park, the locals don't need too see the characters everytime.
    In Disneyworld people save up money and wait years to travel to it making it more of a tourists park, so the guests are more wanting to see every character. If that makes sense.
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    I was going to say that we were there one year around spring break and I have to say I didn't see a lot of characters either. I really think it was because the parks were SO busy that they would have been mobbed. We saw Mickey coming out from in between the tiki room and there was a TON of people following him and the handler to wherever his destination was. It was crazy!! I think sometimes it gets too much to have them out and about all day.

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