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    I may be able to help with question #2, but I hope you do not have to use my info. I like what wdw4us, mritty and emabee have posted above. These are all very good ways to prevent heat related injuries, especially the part about staying hydrated.

    I work in a steel mill and often the sustained temperatures in the work areas are 135 to 140 F. Even with the precautions listed above, a heat injury can occur, especially in those that are not used to the extreme temperatures.

    In the event that you or a member of your family experiences anything resembling heat exhaustion or a heat stroke, seek medical attention. The staff @ WDW will be ready to take care of you and has seen thousands of these cases. Outside of professional help, it has been my experience that minor heat related discomforts, especially heat cramps, can be beaten quickly.
    • Fluids are your best remedy. Not soda or alcoholic drinks, but water, fruit juices and especially V8. If I get rung out during my day, I will down a can of V8 at the end of the shift and also before bed (heat cramps like to return at night and make sleep very difficult).
    • Bananas are magic food. They are loaded with potassium, and do a fantastic job of putting stuff back into your body that you may have lost in the heat. I feel 100% better within a few minutes after eating one.
    • Stay away from heavy fried foods after becoming overheated. I'm not sure why, but it seems like it is hard for your body to process a meal like this after it gets too hot. Try salads, fruits, vegetables and cold foods.
    Again, I hope you do not have to use any of the information above, but it has helped me bounce back quickly after an especially tough shift. Above all, have fun and enjoy your stay!

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    Couldn't agree more with Serkazong. In addition to the Air Conditioned attractions I mentioned, make sure you know where the First Aid centers are in each park:
    * by the Crystal Palace in MK,
    * to the left just as you pass the turnstyles at DHS,
    * in the Odyssey building between Future World & World Showcase in Epcot,
    * and on Discovery Island near the bridge to Africa in Animal Kingdom.

    Head to one if you start feeling ill in any way. The nursing staff there will take care of you. Much much better to take a few minutes out of your park day to see to your health than to risk a small problem becoming a larger problem.

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