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    Urgent DisneyLAND monorail question

    Hello experts; I need to know ASAP whether the Disneyland monorail uses the same Jack Wagner "Please stand clear of the doors. íPor favor, mantenganse alejado de las puertas!" spiel as the Walt Disney World monorail. Surely someone out there knows ...

    My wife grew up in Hawaii and California, and has been to Disneyland many times, but she just doesn't remember details like this.



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    you could e-mail Lou, he just got back from DL.
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    Disneyland is in the process of upgrading their monorails to new "Mark VII" models. Monorail Red just started running the rail in the last couple weeks, and Monorail Blue will follow soon. It is possible that the monorail spiel would be updated as well.
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