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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss best places for "counter" lunch in the Ask The Experts forums; I love to eat! so I have tried to eat as much as possible in all the parks at Disney last time I went, and I plan to do the ...
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    I love to eat! so I have tried to eat as much as possible in all the parks at Disney last time I went, and I plan to do the same thing this time. So here are my votes

    MK - Cosmic Rays
    Epcot - UK Fish and Chips
    DHS - Backlot Express
    AK - Flametree BBQ
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    Quote Originally Posted by iwannabeminnie View Post
    Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney is fantastic, too!

    I have to totally agree with T-Nina. We found that we absolutely LOVE this place. I get The Original 1976 and it's amazing!
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    I second Cosmic Ray's in Tomorrowland at MK. We also really like the spot that is right under the Astro Orbiter (I can never remember the name). They have turkey legs and cream cheese stuffed soft pretzels that are yummy!

    The ABC Commissary is the only spot we ever go for lunch in the Studios and the Flame Tree BBQ is the only spot we go in AK.

    Epcot (I hate to admit) we've never done counter service at. We always do the Garden Grill for lunch at Epcot so I have no advice to offer there. LOL!
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    My suggestions are based on the assumption that you have all your sit-down (Table Service) ADR's booked already and you're only looking for Quick Service meals while inside the parks.

    Otherwise I'd suggest places like Chef Mickey b'fest and dinner (Contemporary), 'Ohana b'fest and dinner (Poly)...amongst others

    I'd stay at Wilderness Lodge.

    Now to my suggestions:

    Magic Kingdom

    Cosmic Rays...has chicken and salads as well as burgers and the yummy fixin' bar!!

    Columbia Harbour House gets the second choice from my wife, while I enjoy Pecos Bills (again for the fixin' bar) and nice tables outside facing Frontierland or those tables near Pirates.

    For snacks, of course the Dole Whip! And we both like Mrs. Pott's in Fantasyland. YUMMY! And having popcorn while watching the parade or Wishes is very nice as well.

    Casey's Corner is a fun alternative as they have the seating inside to watch the Disney sports shorts. But we feel it's not as good a value as Cosmic Rays or Columbia Harbour House on the DDP. Just IMHO But the casey dogs are yummy!


    So many choices! We like Sunshine Seasons in the Land pavilion. Good soups and beef choices. Desserts are good too! Can get a little loud and busy at times as it's near Soarin.

    World Showcase is the best really. And it fits perfectly into our touring plans mostly because with WS opening at 11am, we're in WS around lunch time. Using your snack credits to snack around the world would be an option...pretzel in Germany...pastries in France... etc. But if you're looking for QS credit usage, try Tangierine Cafe it's hardly busy and the food is soooo good! Or Fish and Chips at the UK window. We also love Cantina de San Angel in Mexico. Especially at night. Mexico is a good spot for Illuminations. My wife really likes Yakitori House in Japan for its sushi.

    That's where we typically eat QS at Epcot as we like Akershus and Le Cellier for table service meals. We're trying Tepan Edo for the first time in August (we did like the old steak house) as well as Tutto Italia.

    Animal Kingdom
    Flame tree is good! Plus great seating outside. Pizzafaria is also good...and has good indoor theming.

    Disney-Hollywood Studios
    Truthfully for us Backlot Express is the only QS we like. Or maybe Rosie's if we're taking in our meal to see Fantasmic.

    For snack credit, go to Min and Bill's for a yummy shake or Dinosaur Gerti's for ice cream in a waffle cone! My favs!! Or Hollywood Scoops for after getting off ToT or RnRC before heading out of the park.

    We're actually not a fan of Earl of Sandwich on the DDP. Earl is a good value I think if paying out of pocket. And we actually like Wolfgang Puck Express better. They have such yummy food...especially the flat bread pizza!!! And we love sitting outside and relaxing.

    Hope this helps! And enjoy your trip!!
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    Add my vote to Pecos Bill's in MK.
    We also like the Cantina San Angel in Epcot's Mexico.

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    I like Wilderness Lodge, lots of theming, love the boat to the MK. I think the Carribean is going through a pool rehab so the main pool may be down depending upon when your going. As far as lunch in the parks, here are some of my favs....
    Magic Kingdom - Pecos Bill's, good chicken wraps but if your into burgers they have a great fixin's bar. Also the Plaza Restaurant is a table service but they have a really good chicken strawberry salad for a reasonable price.
    EPCOT - I would go right to the world showcase and just check out what they have counter service wise, this is the place to eat, with such a great variety.
    MGM - not a big fan of MGM dining (sorry Hollywood studios) but the Flatbread Grill sounds decent enough.
    Animan Kingdom - Flame Tree Barbecue also I believe Yak and Yeti has a counter service, these are both very good.
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    Wow thanks for all the advice... we are actually going Nov. 9-15 I think, and I am trying to follow some advice and iron out all the details now, so we have an idea of where to go. I hate to go someplace to eat and come on here later and find out it's the worst place to go. All this advice is extremely helpful

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    Cosmic Ray's for sure, then Columbia Harbour House.

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    Comic Rays is great they have a couple different counters that offer foods from salads and soup to burgers and even some no meat/no fat options.
    *Never had a counter meal at Epcot lately so cannot give an honest opinion, but the Garden Grille is a great table service restaurant (characters usually include Chip and Dale and Mickey).
    * AK- love the flaming tree, like as posted above they have a great menu and an awsome seating area thats almost off the beaten path and can be quite at times ( when your not ducking the sea gulls).
    * For Hollywood Studios I have always had a good meal at the ABC Commisary.

    Just dont forget to have a Dole whip and a Mickey ice cream.
    As for a place to stay, if you are looking for a moderate place go with Port Orleans Riverside (the Carribean is a little run down) or if your buget allows for it I'd go with the Wilderness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iwannabeminnie View Post
    Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney is fantastic, too!
    OMG yes! I LOVE EARL OF SANDWICH!!! the chicken caesar wrap...yummy!!

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    When we go, we eat counter-service for almost all of our meals (we do maybe 2 character meals, and then ALL the rest of our meals are counter-service). Believe me, you can find a lot of quality, healthy, YUMMY foods if you know where to look. Counter-service isn't just burgers and fried foods.

    By far, the best counter-service location at WDW is Sunshine Seasons, the food court in the bottom floor of the Land Pavilion (where Soarin' is located). Grilled salmon with olive pesto? Turkey and muenster on focaccia with chipoltle mayo? Grilled veggie Cuban sandwich? Caesar salad with oak-fired chicken? Roasted beets and goat cheese salad with cilantro lime dressing? Seared tuna on mixed greens with sesame rice wine dressing? Yep, they got 'em.

    I agree with others that Cosmic Ray's is a good choice at MK, since it has a huge selection. And Columbia Harbour House is a yummy change of pace.

    At Disney's Hollywood Studios, I agree with others that Backlot Express has some good and yummy choices ... Southwest Salad (mixed greens, crisp corn tortilla, black bean relish, grilled sweet plantains and chimichurri dressing), grilled turkey and cheese sandwich (with arugula and red peppers), and grilled veggie sandwich (black olive ciabatta roll, mushrooms, red peppers, zucchini, tomato, watercress and cheese with sundried tomato pesto and black bean salad) ... in addition to burgers and dogs and chicken fingers.

    The menus at AK look good. Unfortunately, of the two times I've been there in the past two years, we ate only one meal there, and even more unfortunately, it was lunch at Restaurantosaurus. It was an imitation McDonald's. Real McDonald's tastes and looks better, which, if you catch my drift, doesn't say much for this place. The best thing I can say about my meal there is that the place had good air conditioning.

    I don't have any outstanding memories of the food court at POFQ, but ar Caribbean Beach Resort I still remember some good counter-service meals ... hand-tossed chicken Caesar salad (prepared before your eyes), tabouli platter, Asian chicken salad (udon noodles, moist chicken chunks, and veggies in a tasty sesame dressing, served in a cute modified Chinese take-out container).
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