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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss MNSSHP Ideas in the Ask The Experts forums; Hey everyone My mom and I will be going to MNSSHP for the first time (yea, that surprises us too since 1. we've been there a million times 2. Halloween ...
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    MNSSHP Ideas

    Hey everyone
    My mom and I will be going to MNSSHP for the first time (yea, that surprises us too since 1. we've been there a million times 2. Halloween is our favorite holiday)...

    Anyway, we were wondering if anyone had any good costume ideas for my mom and I (I am 20 years old btw, not a little kid lol). We're hoping for Disney costume ideas that go together, and ones that we would not sweat in, haha.

    Also, since it is our first time at MNSSHP, could anybody give us suggestions on what time to be at certain events? where the best viewing/trick or treating spots are?

    Thank you!!!
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    My mom and I have attended the MNSSHP the last 4 years. We love it and are looking forward to this year's party! Last year was the first time we dressed up. I thought the groups that did themes were cute (Incredibles, Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion ghosts). I was Malificient (costume from the Disney store and my mom was a witch). Not sure what we will do this year, but I am sure that we will dress up. The candy quality has declined over the last few years. Definitely make sure you do the shows, fireworks, etc since they are special for the party. As everyone suggests goto the second parade, etc. Make sure you are at the parade route early to see the headless horseman go by. The candy lines are quite long, so you need to decide if it's worth it. Get your picture in front of the hanuted mansion stagecoach by the photopass photographer, you may get a special surprise! I also look forward to getting my picture in front of Cinderella's coach each year near Peter Pan.
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    This will also be our first time going to MNSSHP. Can't wait! Not sure if we're doing the costume thing though.
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