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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Queues at WDW in the Ask The Experts forums; My SIL will be going to WDW in Sept and her son (5 yrs old) is mildly autistic and I have been able to assist them on their visit on ...
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    Queues at WDW

    My SIL will be going to WDW in Sept and her son (5 yrs old) is mildly autistic and I have been able to assist them on their visit on this. But here is her issue, her son has a problem with incontinence and needs to visit the washroom every 10 mins. He will wear a diaper but will not go in it.

    I know that the queues will be smaller but from some E ticket attractions he may not be able to wait in line (i.e. Pirates & Haunted Mansion). He may just be able to make it thru the ride before having to go again.

    Does anyone know how to deal with this sort of issue?


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    Hi pollioni! Welcome to the boards!

    Regarding your question, I recommend reading the first few posts in this thread:

    It's a very similar situation to your SIL's, and the resources listed in there should help you and your SIL tremendously.

    And once again, Welcome!

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    your sil can stop at guest relations on your first trip to any of the parks and get a 'guest assistance card' for her entire party for the length of your visit; it's good at all parks and may help speed things up for them.

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    My son is also autistic. I made a mistake telling him not to use the bathroom (public) unless just to urinate when he was 5. He asked why and I told him about germs. This was a huge mistake on my part because I had been called 600 miles away to come pick him up from school numerous times until I had a talk to find out what was wrong. Autistic children take quite literally what you say. The child needs to be reassured that the diaper is MEANT for that and that the discomfort will be only for a very very short time and tell him when and where you're going to change it. If you go into a ride ask him if he needs to go. If he doesn't show him the restroom right outside and tell him if he does have to use it, its ok cause you can change it there. This works wonders. Also if the rides almost over he knows where the restroom is so ask him he can hold it. It puts something in their minds to concentrate on. Hope this son now is 13 and like his old man has a cast iron bladder.

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