last year during mousefest on a night when I was touring the (Jennings) Osbourne Familys Spctacle of Dancing Lights presented by Sylvania, I took a good look at that great mural at the end of San Fransisco Street...

For those who don't know what I'm speaking of, in Streets of America section of the Disney Studios, in Walt Disney World, way down at the end of San Fransisco street is a large mural on a huge banner type canvas, it is of a hillside in San Fransisco, and along with the "forced perspective spires" of the golden gate bridge that were built on the roof of the former backlot theatre this does a great job of hiding the fact a building is hiding behind it, the cars in the artwork parked along the San Fransisco street have some interesting liscence tags , for instance one reads WDI GRFX which I would assume is Walt Disney Imagineering Graphics, and there were some others my friends and I were able to figure out also, but photo-wise I tried to take photos of the ones I thought were harder, that we couldn't figure out and that's why I'm here, I have three photos one is of the "easy one" I mentioned, just so you can see that soem of them do make sense, but the other two are of ones I could not figure out, I know it is possible that they will turn out to be just someones inititials, but I figured i'd let everyone take a look at it.

here is the easy / example one:

WDI GRFX / Walt Disney Imagineering Graphics