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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Comments on Savannah View AKL? in the Ask The Experts forums; As part of our next trip, we're thinking of staying at AKL for two nights. I have two girls, ages 6 and 4. Do you think that the Savannah view ...
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    Comments on Savannah View AKL?

    As part of our next trip, we're thinking of staying at AKL for two nights. I have two girls, ages 6 and 4. Do you think that the Savannah view rooms are worth the extra money? We will be spending some time at the resort one of the days (perhaps an afternoon to nap and swim, then dinner at Boma).


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    I have never stayed at AKL before but I think your girls would LOVE to see all the animals and things from the room.
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    I love the savanna view rooms at AKL. It's wonderful to sit on your balcony and watch the zebras and giraffes!
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    Definitely worth the money!!!

    "Standard" view is largely trees and parking lots. There are some "partial savanna view" rooms, where you will have an indirect or obstructed view (I just had one of these. Straight out you saw trees; to the left, the hot tub; to the right, if I leaned out over the railing, I could see a little of the savanna). In January I had a Savanna View room with my 5 yr. old son. He's still talking about seeing the zebra and giraffes and other animals. We watched them in the morning as we got ready for the day, and every night before bed. It was a great experience.
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    I enjoyed my Savanah view room, but just keep in mind that there is no guarantee that there will be any animals to see. I was there 3 nights. Two of the mornings there was a full-fleged parade of animals outside my balcony. The second morning...nada! Ziltch! and that was the morning my daughter was there with me.
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    When DVC first allowed members to book AKL last year, our family stayed there during Xmas time where we decided on upgrading to the Savannah view. Boy, was it well worth it! If you are a morning person, especially, it will be great. The zebras and giraffes graze right by the room balcony in the morning just around dawn (we were on the 4th floor, I believe). We even had a chance to watch the caretakers feed the animals. Everyone enjoyed the lodge all in all, but the balcony views made the trip priceless. We loved it, it was a different experience of WDW altogether. I say go for it!
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