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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Disney Photo Pass Questions in the Ask The Experts forums; What's your overall opinion with the WDW Photo Pass? Is purchasing the CD worth the $99.00 (Is it still $99??) Do you have to purchase the CD package before you ...
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    Disney Photo Pass Questions

    What's your overall opinion with the WDW Photo Pass? Is purchasing the CD worth the $99.00 (Is it still $99??)
    Do you have to purchase the CD package before you start going around having pictures taken or can you wait till you see a bunch you like and decide its better to buy the CD with ALL the pics rather then a few 5X7 here and there.

    We were thinking of getting it this time around, because looking through all our photo albums through the years we noticed theres only 1 pic of me each time we go (because I'm the one carrying the camera and taking the pictures most of the time).

    We bought 4 pictures last year and it was close to $50 alone.
    1 Last question., are there Disney photographers at the character meals? We did a few last year, but I don't remember seeing any photographers at the Crystal Palace, Hollywood and Vine, or Chef Mickeys.

    Thanks - That's alot of questions.....
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    Here is a link where we have discussed the Photo Pass before:

    You don't have to pre-order the CD, you are more than welcome to buy it at any time if you choose to. As for is the CD worth the money, that will come down to how many photos you have taken by the photographers. Since with the CD, you get every picture that they take plus any that you customize. So if you plan on using Photo Pass a lot, I would definitely say that the CD is worth the money. As for the photographers being at the Character meals, I don't believe that they are there or at least I have never seen that there before.
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    The...3rd to last time...we were at disney we had dinner at chef mickey's and breakfastosaurus....what they did at those restaurants was they had a little area set up...they took pictures of you and then they printed them out and brought them to your table (if you have more than 4 people in your party they take 2 sets of pictures) annnnd they were expensive, from what i remember. But....i did ask the girl at breakfastosaurus to put our pictures on my photopass card...i think it depends on the restaurant, they may not even do that anymore...when we were at the crystal palace in july they didn't have that.
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    We didn't buy the CD. Too expensive. However, this year, we did purchase the photobook for $70. It gives you 20 pages of photos (up to 4 on a page) which includes any Disney PhotoPass pictures you choose and any of your photos you upload. You design the whole book online. It turned out really nice. We would do that again!
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    We also got the photobook. Everyone I showed it to thought it was cutiest thing. It allows you to put captions on all the pages as well.
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