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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Pop Century- Best Buildings in the Ask The Experts forums; We will be staying at Pop Century for the first time, 12/12-12/18. Does anyone have a suggestion for the best building. We are in good shape so walking or stairs ...
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    Pop Century- Best Buildings

    We will be staying at Pop Century for the first time, 12/12-12/18. Does anyone have a suggestion for the best building. We are in good shape so walking or stairs is not a problem. We will be using Disney Transportation for the duration of our stay.

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    my personal favorite is the 50's buildings. It is nice and close to the main lobby area, but far enough away that there's not always the screaming of people or stuff like that.
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    in my opinion any room not facing the hippy dippy pool is a good one i heard it can be kinda loud over there when guests swim at night they are all fun and cool to look at!
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    I don't remember what buildings I've stayed in, but the ones closest to the main building are the best.
    Also, I'm going to be at the Pop Century at the same time as you! We'll be there 12/13-12/18.
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    I stayed in the 60's buliding. We were atcually facing the hippy dippy pool and it wasnt loud at all. We were on the 3rd floor and the walk to the main building were was a nice short distance.
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    Yeah I stayed right next to the pool area, on the third floor of the 60's building. It wasnt too loud at night, it does start up in the morning but we were always out for the park trips early
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