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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Disney Lockers in the Ask The Experts forums; I plan on using a locker in the Disney World for the first time and i was wondering what is the procedure on how to get a locker? (like do ...
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    Disney Lockers

    I plan on using a locker in the Disney World for the first time and i was wondering what is the procedure on how to get a locker? (like do you just go up to a locker and put in a few cents) and how long can you keep the locker?
    If i forget to return the key what will happen to my locker?

    sorry for so much questions

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    The lockers are located near the front of each park, and at the Ticket and Transportation Center. They cost $5.00 a day for small lockers and $7.00 a day for larger ones (prices from Jan. 2008 and may be higher) plus a $5 deposit that is refunded when you return the key on the same day.

    You pay at a cashier located near the lockers (there will be signs so you can find them easily).

    Not sure how quickly they would clean out a locker left overnight, but that's an interesting question.

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    in 08 I rented a locker at Typhoon Lagoon, and purchased the key from a castmember in the shop. I'm sure this is the same at most locker locations. FYI, when you rent a locker at TL, and go to turn in the key, they give you the option to get a travel coffee mug with a bag of coffee in instead of your five dollar deposit. It was a nice keepsake to remind me of good times.

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    Re: Disney Lockers

    I believe you can hang on to your receipt and if you hop to a second park the same day, your second locker is free (but you still have to give them a key deposit). Which is of course how the strollers, wheelchairs, and ecv rentals work, too.
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    Re: Disney Lockers

    When I went last year the locker people took a DNA sample from inside my cheek instead of asking for a deposit. Sadly, I forgot to return my key and they cloned me. Now their/my clone works for Disney and is sabotaging my good name. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!! For the love of all that's holy...return the key!

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