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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Mothers day in the Ask The Experts forums; I wonder if disney will do anything special on mothers day ??? Have they in the past???...
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    Question Mothers day

    I wonder if disney will do anything special on mothers day ??? Have they in the past???

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    In the past they have offered a mother's day brunch in the World Showplace building at Epcot, but my understanding is that they are not having it this year.
    Other than that, you can buy a Mother's Day trading pin, but I'm not aware of anything else.
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    With having to celebrate my birthday the day before, I'm guessing that WDW will be blowing their entire budget on the 9th.
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    Re: Mothers day

    This year Mother's Day is on my son's birthday. So even though I won't be celebrating it at WDW, it will be a very special day for me.

    And my other son just read what I typed! So sweet!

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    Re: Mothers day

    This will be my 4th consecutive Mother's Day at the parks. As mentioned they did the bruch at EPCOT, but I also heard it was no being offered. There is a Mother's Day pin and I think they hand out carnations. Other than that nothing special that I know of.
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