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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Plan me a day trip! in the Ask The Experts forums; Hi there! Now, I have a day left on some passes I bought a month back. They're gonna be eligible all the way until September. So, I have one request. ...
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    Plan me a day trip!

    Hi there!

    Now, I have a day left on some passes I bought a month back.

    They're gonna be eligible all the way until September.

    So, I have one request.

    I want you guys to give me the best day trip plan. It can take place anytime from now up until September and in any park and last as long as you want.
    My only request is:
    MAKE IT JAM PACKED! This is for a bunch of college kids and we wanna have an awesome time. Oh and don't think for a second that just cus we're college kids, we can't appreciate Snow White's Scary Adventures. We are major Disney freaks.

    Go for it!
    Remember, Dreams Come True!

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    Re: Plan me a day trip!

    I would do the Magic Kingdom. You'll be able to make a full day there easily. Try to go on a day with AM or PM Extra Magic Hours too.
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    Re: Plan me a day trip!

    Are they hopper passes - or can this day be in only one park?
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    Re: Plan me a day trip!

    If you can PH and enjoy EMH, start with AM EMH and finsih with PM EMH. If no EMH, then you might start at Epcot for Soarin' (FP), Test Track, Mission Space, Universe fo Energy, lunch at a country, the PH to MK mid afternoon. Get FP for Splash Mountain, then go to Adventureland. When you cna get another FP, get one for BTMR. You will hold onto these FPs until after Spectromagic or Wishes. Late afternoon, early evening, get your FP for Peter Pan when one is available. Head to tomorrowland. Eat a late dinner with the attractions there, then head to Fantasyland. Ride anything with a short line. Watch Spectromagic from the end of Frontierland. After Spectromagic, ride BTMR and Splash Mountain. You will probably see Wishes from BTMR. After that, ride Jungle Cruise if you bypassed earlier due to the wait. Head to Haunted Mansion, then finsih in Fantasyland. Lines will be much shorter late in the evening here.

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