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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Keys to the Kingdom Check-In in the Ask The Experts forums; Hello experts! I booked a Keys to the Kingdom tour for December and I am curious how I am supposed to check in on that day for the tour. I ...
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    Keys to the Kingdom Check-In

    Hello experts!

    I booked a Keys to the Kingdom tour for December and I am curious how I am supposed to check in on that day for the tour. I was told over the phone to check in "to the left of City Hall" to get my badge, but it didn't occur to me to ask how I got in the gates--since the tour will begin prior to opening.

    Has anyone participated in a pre-opening Keys to the Kingdom tour? If so, what is the check-in process?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Keys to the Kingdom Check-In

    I haven't done Keys to the Kingdom, but have done a number of pre-opening things. Just ask one of the cast members at the gates, and they will direct you on how to get in.

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    Re: Keys to the Kingdom Check-In

    I attended that tour before opening a couple of years ago. There are cast members at the gates well before opening, just approach one, tell them you are on the tour (have your confirmation number just in case, although they let me in no questions asked), and you'll be let in.

    To the left of city hall may be new. When we went, we checked in inside city hall at a little desk to the right (near the bathrooms). They gave us our buttons, our radios (the tour guide has a little radio mic, and all the attendees get these little walkman-like radios, so that he or she can be heard by the group without having to shout above any passersby), and ordered our lunch. The check-in location shouldn't be hard to identify, because there won't be many people who are not cast members in the area at that time.

    Without giving anything away, you're in for a treat. If your tour guide happens to be Rae (not sure how many tour guides there are, it could be a long shot), tell her that one of her groups from a couple of years ago says "hi and thanks again".

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    Re: Keys to the Kingdom Check-In

    There should be one turnstile that is manned but has no line of people waiting in front of it. Usually there is a sign that says it is for those with reservations. I don't remember if this would be on the far left or right of the turnstiles at MK.

    Go to that turnstile and they will check your reservation on a list and let you through.

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    Re: Keys to the Kingdom Check-In

    When I went for my 16th brithday 2 years ago, we went through a special turnstile, all the way to the right near the stroller renting area. Tthere should be a sigh saying something like morning breakfast reservation, tell the CM standing there that your here for the Keys to the Kingdom tour (make sure you have your confermation # with you just in case)

    then when you go in go to your left and there should be a little opening next to City hall. Walk in there tell them your here for the tour at whatever time you have.

    they will ask for your name so they can check it off. then give you your badge and give you a menu to look at so you can order your lunch. And if you have enough time then you can walk around the even more special Main street and take as many pictures as you want till your tour time comes.

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