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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Photopass Professional Session in the Ask The Experts forums; Has anyone done this before? We are in need of a new family picture and thought this would be a great thing to do on our first day at the ...
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    Photopass Professional Session

    Has anyone done this before? We are in need of a new family picture and thought this would be a great thing to do on our first day at the World before going to MVMCP on Dec 10. I have not seen many reviews on it and we wondered what resort to do it at and which package was best? Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Photopass Professional Session

    We did it two years ago at the Grand Floridian when it was part of pre-ordering a photopass card. It was a really interesting experience. We were a little self-concious because we hadn't done this sort of thing before, but the photographer was super nice and helpful. She took us to about 10-12 places outside and inside the Grand Floridian (by the Xmas tree, by a giant bouquet of flowers, outside near the fountain, near some rosebushes, two places on the beach, and another in the courtyard). She took about 5-6 pictures at each spot with us in different arrangements (seated, standing, leaning etc.). One really neat shot was near sunset with a rose in the foreground blurred out. It took about an hour, and we got about 100 shots. They turned out really nice and we used some for gifts to our parents for the holidays. We put all our pics on our one photopass card, and as suggested by the photopass people, we wore similar colors (black in this case) which really stood out against the various backgrounds.

    Overall, I might consider doing this every three years or so. I thought the GF was a great location for this, very diverse pictures. Haven't done any other locations.

    Have fun!

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    Re: Photopass Professional Session

    We also did one at the Grand Floridian right after they started doing them. It was wonderful!! I was very pleased with the places the photographer had us pose and with how the pictures turned out.

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