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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Downtown Disney Resaturants in the Ask The Experts forums; Do Downtown Disney restaurants(specifically T-Rex and Planet Hollywood) comply with the Dining Plan? If so, are the Counter or Table services? Thanks!!...
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    Downtown Disney Resaturants

    Do Downtown Disney restaurants(specifically T-Rex and Planet Hollywood) comply with the Dining Plan? If so, are the Counter or Table services? Thanks!!
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    Re: Downtown Disney Resaturants

    Neither T-Rex or Planet Hollywood are part of the Dining Plan.

    I know that Capn Jack's is part of the Plan - Sit Down and
    my son said he used the Quick Service Plan at Wolf Gang Puck - Express - but it is not listed in the Disney Dining plan restaurants.

    Unfortunately most of these restaurants are not run by Disney so they are not offered.

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    Re: Downtown Disney Resaturants

    I used a quick service credit at Earl of Sandwich in 08, and I look over at, and they show it as still on the plan. They also list Planet Hollywood as participating, but you may want to confirm that. Here's the link to all participating in the DDP. Magic Your Way Dining Plan - 2009 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages

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    Re: Downtown Disney Resaturants

    Raglan Road uses the dining plan... my friend and I used the dining plan and both loved our meals there.

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    Re: Downtown Disney Resaturants

    A PDF brochure from Disney on the dining plan is available here...lists all eligible restaurants and types:

    Specific to Downtown Disney:
    Downtown Disney® Area
    Cookes of Dublin (L,D) (Quick)
    Earl of Sandwich (B,L,D) (Quick)
    FoodQuest (L,D) (Quick)
    Wolfgang Puck® Express (L,D) (Quick)
    Cap’n Jack’s Restaurant (L,D)
    Planet Hollywood® (L,D)
    Raglan RoadTM Irish Pub and Restaurant (L,D)
    Wolfgang Puck® Cafe (first floor only) (L,D)

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    Re: Downtown Disney Resaturants

    You didn't ask, but, out of the list of Dining Plan spots at Downtown Disney, your best bets for good food are Raglan Road and Earl of Sandwich.

    Planet Hollywood is occasionally o.k. but more often wretched, and I wouldn't send anyone there.
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    Re: Downtown Disney Resaturants

    Every time we visit disney we use the dining plan and we eat at Planet Hollywood so unless something has changed recently they are part of the dining plan. I love Planet Hollywood the food in excellent it is one of our favorites

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