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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Party for the Senses- Food & Wine Festival in the Ask The Experts forums; My husband and I will be traveling to the World in October for Food & Wine Festival. We really want to get to tickets for Party for the Senses on ...
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    Party for the Senses- Food & Wine Festival

    My husband and I will be traveling to the World in October for Food & Wine Festival. We really want to get to tickets for Party for the Senses on Saturday Oct 16 (assuming they will still be held on Saturdays). When do tickets typically go on sale? Do the tickets sell out quickly? What can we expect while at the Party? Also, is there anything else you consider a must-do during Food & Wine? We will be staying at the Beach we will be nice and close to Epcot.

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    Re: Party for the Senses- Food & Wine Festival

    Details of the Food and Wine Festival should come out around mid July, you could call 407/WDW-FEST for more info. I think the popular venues do sell out fast but since that hasn't been anounced yet, it's hard to say which dates will be the popular ones. I don't have any must do's for the F&W festival, other then to try and sample as much food and drink as possible, but I do have a must don't......Don't plan on a sit down meal while your at F&W, it's simlpy to much food. Not sure if you have been before or not but they have a sort of debit card for F&W that makes it very easy to buy food without fumbling for wallets/purses etc, just keep an eye on your credits though because last year by accident they charged us for 1 to many sampling.
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    Re: Party for the Senses- Food & Wine Festival

    Last year we did two fun events at Food & Wine: a cheese & beer tasting by Max McCalman who runs a fabulous cheese cave in NY, and a Chopin Vodka sipping/tasting that was GREAT. Both were moderately priced around $25 I think and very fun. A short lecture, maybe a slide show, then tasting/description by the host. One year we did a fabulous wine tasting as well by Concha de Toro, but they were not there in 2009.

    The cheese seminar we purchased ahead of time, but the vodka we were able to purchase the day before at EPCOT.


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    Re: Party for the Senses- Food & Wine Festival

    We've attended the Party for the Senses three times. They are now charging extra for seating at tables, so if you want to just hang out at a standing table, wear comfortable shoes. We do a tag-team method so that one of us is always saving a spot for the other. You always share space with others and comparing food items, to know what you want to sample next, is an advantage. It's not mandatory, but you will find that a majority of people do dress-up a bit for the evening. If you can visit EPCOT during the weekday at lunchtime, you'll find the lines to be shorter. Weekends are busy. The debit card is a good idea as long as the computers are running. Problems seem to occur on the first day, so have a bit of cash handy if you are grazing your way around World Showcase. Hope to see you at F&W!
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