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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss in the Ask The Experts forums; Are they as good as they sound? Are they felxible? I have a plan on what parks to go to on what days. Would they still be able to help? ...
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    Are they as good as they sound? Are they felxible? I have a plan on what parks to go to on what days. Would they still be able to help? Thanks!

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    I swear by it! We went last year during the week of July 4th and we made sure we went to the park they recommended and stayed away from the park they said to avoid. Although our kids did not want to ride some of the attractions, we just skipped them. We were able to do everything we wanted. Even in January, when it was not busy, I still went to the park they recommended and never waited over 15 minutes for anything, even Soarin and Test Track.
    They do have plans even if you choose to go to the busiest parks etc.
    I am curious. I would like to hear others' experiences as well.

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    I've used them a few times and they're great if your goal is to nail a lot of attractions. You absolutely have to get to the gate well before rope drop for the plans to work. Otherwise you'll be swimming upstream.

    Often I like to wing it in the parks and in those cases I don't use a touring plan. But I always respect TP's crowd ratings. If they list a park as "park to avoid" then I do just that. If you follow their park ratings and their touring plans you will be in very good shape.

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    This is the first time I've used them to help with a trip, I signed up a few weeks ago and the information on the site alone is worth the cost of membership. The lines app on top of that is a plus! In addition, they've added the touring plans to the lines app now, so you have everything at your fingertips.

    In planning our trip, the projected crowd calendar was a key to deciding what to do when. I realize there are no guarantees, but they have a pretty good track record and you can view past days to see how close their predictions were to actual crowds.
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    i have used them in the past and i am using them again... they have been a big help in not only deciding when to go... but how to maximize the entire trip...
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    They are that good.

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