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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss A small favor in the Ask The Experts forums; Some of you may rememebr that when I introduced myself I mentioned that my daughter Julia has a lucky fin like Nemo (the medical term is symbrachydactyly). Another mom started ...
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    A small favor

    Some of you may rememebr that when I introduced myself I mentioned that my daughter Julia has a lucky fin like Nemo (the medical term is symbrachydactyly). Another mom started this awesome organization called the Lucky Fin project for children with limb differences. She has been nominated for an award and if she wins she can use the money to raise even more awareness. here's the link: | Mominations | Molly Stapelman Thank you!

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    Re: A small favor

    Seems like a really great project. Good luck with it!
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    Re: A small favor

    Done, good luck!
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    Re: A small favor

    What a great way to put a positive spin on the situation! You and your daughter are an inspiration! Best of luck to you both!
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    Re: A small favor

    Wish you good luck dear.

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    Re: A small favor

    all done! good luck to you both x

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    Re: A small favor

    that is awesome... good for you...!
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