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    character meal...

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    Well the good news is Cinderella's Royal Table now offers a character lunch as well. Now that WDW offers 6 princess meals plus a Princess Tea, I'm hearing it's a tad easier to get CRT...just a tad. I haven't tried it recently.

    We did CRT in December 2001. I basically just got up every morning and started dialing at 6:58AM EDT 60 days out (now it's 90 days), and the first 3 days it was booked by the time I got through. One the fourth morning, I was able to secure a PS.

    We really enjoyed CRT Breakfast. It was a great breakfast. Food was great, service was excellent, and the characters were very good...especially Belle and Mary Poppins the day we went.
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    thank you, i believe my wife did the same, yet it always seems we are locked out!!! i guess it is the luck of the draw!!!

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    I made my 90 day in advance AR at about 9;30 am and chose Cindy's Gala Feast at the 1900 Park Fare over the castle due to better choice in food....but I asked just out of curiousity if there were any reservations available for the castle that day---i would have had my choice of quite a few times...tho the latest seating at all for any restaurant in MK that day was 5pm---the nice CM told me that they do that periodically due to crowd projuections and sometimes release other times a few weeks b4. I am sure it is hard on the CM's because if you call back at that time they have to redo your AR. This practice is causing me a bit of a hassle for a MGM eatery.
    We are going in Sept right after Labor Day so I would guess that it depends on the time of year also.
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    The key....start calling 10-15 mins early on the 90th day out of your trip. If you're lucky you can get it, if not, keep calling everday before the trip and wait for a cancellation.


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    This is from, The Priority Seating Calculator by S.L. Thomas

    Best Strategy for Getting PS for Cinderella's Royal Table Character Breakfast.
    You MUST call exactly 90 days before the date you want to dine at the Castle for breakfast. And, you MUST start calling a couple of minutes before WDW Dining opens (7 AM, on all days including weekends and holidays. All times are US EASTERN).

    There are two possible greetings:

    a) Thank you for calling the Disney Reservation Center. Our office is closed... (hang up immediately as soon as you hear the words "Our office" and hit redial immediately).
    b) Thank you for calling the Disney reservation center (pause). You're in and on hold! Wait! Do NOT hang up or you will lose any chance of a ressie!
    Please note that as of October 2003, there is now a series of questions being asked. There is no way around them so listen carefully and press the buttons in response to each question.

    Upon speaking to a "live person", interrupt the lucky CM and blurt out "I need Cindy's, for June xx, for x people, any available time". The CRO rep will understand your temporary rudeness, and you'll make up for it later with endless amounts of gratitude... Don't try and pick a specific time. Any delays will seriously hinder your ability to get a PS.

    Use the 407-WDW-DINE (939-3463) number to directly call WDW Dining so you don't get caught in a transfer cue from CRO. This can amount to up to a 12 second delay in getting to Dining.

    You will also need a credit card and there is now a cancellation policy.

    Also, I remember using multiple phones to maximize our chances (we had 2 lines in our house plus a cell phone or two)
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