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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss 1st Birthday in the Ask The Experts forums; Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do at Disney for a childs 1st birthday?...
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    1st Birthday

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do at Disney for a childs 1st birthday?

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    Re: 1st Birthday

    Have fun. You're at WDW, that's special enough.

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    Re: 1st Birthday

    Quote Originally Posted by UncleRemus71 View Post
    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do at Disney for a childs 1st birthday?
    When my son was one we spent the day resort hopping. Not to visit the hotels but we went to every playground, ate snacks and ice cream, some cup cakes. I rode a lot of slides that day. Good memories.

    We did the Original Chef Mickey's for dinner. Made the day all about him. Don't forget the Birthday Button, that is free.
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    Re: 1st Birthday

    You could get a hair cut at the barber shop on Main Street! I believe they do a special for first haircuts. :-)

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    Re: 1st Birthday

    For my daughter we did a haircut and 1st B-day ears...

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    Re: 1st Birthday

    I highly recommend the in-room celebrations that you can do through the Disney Floral folks. For my son's 3rd birthday we got the "Mickey and Pals Big Birthday Wish" package (spent a ton but was so worth it). It was awesome! We came back to the room and it was all decorated and there were boxes all over the room from the characters. Each box had a present from the respective character in it like a Mickey stuffy from Mickey, a dog bowl and placemat from Pluto, a cake from Minnie, etc. Plus there was a special birthday message just for him waiting on our voicemail. It was an experience I will never forget!

    I also second the hair cut idea and the birthday earhat ideas! DS's first ever cut was at the barber shop on Mainstreet - also a great experience.

    You can also make an ADR at a table service restaurant and call the same people I linked to above to have a personalized birthday cake brought out at the end of the meal. We also did that for DS and he loved it!
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    Re: 1st Birthday

    We have our DS' first brithday/haircut coming up in a few weeks!

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