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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Is This Allowed? in the Ask The Experts forums; In a little over a month my Mom, sister, brother-in-law, 9 month old niece and myself will be staying over for a few days at OKW. Since my sister started ...
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    Is This Allowed?

    In a little over a month my Mom, sister, brother-in-law, 9 month old niece and myself will be staying over for a few days at OKW. Since my sister started seeing her future hubby, we've told him about the Beverly over at Epcot and that its really, really good and how he has to try it.

    Anyway, they're only doing one park, and since its my sisters' favorite, and because of the baby, that park is likely to be MK. However, my Mom and I have APs. The plan was to arrive at OKW very early, probably like get over there by 9 am or earlier. In all liklihood our room probably wouldn't be ready, at which point I was going to say something about going over to Epcot and getting some Beverly and ask if anyone else wanted any. Mom and sister would replay with enthusiastic yeses, and of course I would bring some for the brother in law too. The idea was to take three solid-colored water bottles to the park with me, and fill each one with about two of the sample cups they give you; filling my brother-in-laws with Beverly, but giving my Mom and sister a different drink. Then leaving and taking them back to OKW.

    My question is, is this allowed? I know the drinks at Club Cool are free, but under normal circumstances, in order to have any of them, you would have to pay park admission. Is it allowed/wrong to take a sample back to someone else who didn't pay for admission to that park?

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    Re: Is This Allowed?

    Is it allowed...? Probably not... Are they watching...? Probably not... Have you really ever seen anyone literally watching club cool...? There could be cameras and such as I'm sure there are but I really don't think it's a big deal... I just wouldn't make it completely obvious that your filling up water bottles with soda... Fill a cup, walk around and dump it in the water bottle, then refill it at another station and there you go...
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    Re: Is This Allowed?

    I'm just wondering if there are any CMs around, because you could always explain the situation to them and get green-lighted upfront without worrying about sneaking around Club Cool. But I'm not sure how supervised it is. It's not like you're doing something unreasonable, it's all for a good laugh, which I think is pretty awesome.

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    Re: Is This Allowed?

    The CM's will usually go out of their way to make something like this happen for you, so take weepstah's advice.

    I'd say based upon the multitude of stories I've heard concerning CM's who have gone the extra mile, this one should be no problem. And they'd certainly respect it more if you approached them about making this happen rather than trying to sneak the bottles in and out.

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    Re: Is This Allowed?

    Hahaha. Okay, I'm a bit slow today. I read this and was like, Beverly? Gross. Being an Atlantan, we have a whole World of Coke and have introduced family members to that delicious drink and more. Can't believe I didn't get it right away!

    I would definitely follow the advice above and ask. Good luck!

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