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    Cool Disney Honeymoon Around the World

    My fiancé and are you huge Walt Disney World fans. We actually got engaged inside the Magic Kingdom on New Year's Eve 2011. We visit the parks at least once a month. We are from South Florida so it's an easy travel for us to go up to WDW on random weekends. We love visiting the parks so much that we decided to take that,theme to our honeymoon next year.

    So my fiancée and I are planning to take our honeymoon around the world with the purpose of visiting different Disney parks in different countries like disneyland Paris in Paris, France, the Tokyo Disney Resort in Tokyo, Japan and for the first time ever Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California.

    My question is if any of you have some experience visiting these parks. Perhaps you might give us some tips or ideas on things to do. Maybe you can help us decide how many days we should dedicate to each resort. We are just looking for suggestions and guidance on how to really do this. I know it sounds extremely expensive but we have allot of frequent flier miles saved up and this take place during off peak times so that keeps me hopeful that we could do it. Any help we be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys and I hope to hear from you soon!

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    Re: Disney Honeymoon Around the World

    I wish I could help, but I've only been to WDW. :-( I will say this sounds like an ****AMAZING**** honeymoon! Congrats, and have a blast!

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